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Asia Fixed Broadband Market: North Asian Countries Dominate but Other Asian Countries Catching Up

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Published on : Feb 14, 2017

ALBANY, NY, FEb 14, 2017: The report, titled “Asia - Fixed Broadband Market - Statistics and Analyses,” states that although the Asia fixed broadband market presently features the dominance of North Asian countries, other Asian countries are also catching up at a promising pace. Broadband internet connectivity remained limited to developed economies for a long time, with narrowband dial-up connectivity remaining the standard across the majority of developing or less-developed countries in the region. However, the trend has witnessed a gradual change and economies with low or no access to broadband are now increasingly becoming the target markets for the broadband technology. Both digital subscriber line (DSL) and cable model connectivity platforms have proved to be highly promising for companies operating in the fixed broadband market.

More recently, the Asia market has witnessed the arrival of the FttX (fiber to the x) as an alternative platform for broadband connectivity amid excellent response from consumers. Considerable activity is also seen in the fixed broadband area in a number of smaller countries in the region, including Macau, Maldives, and Azerbaijan.

China presently leads the Asia fixed broadband market, in terms of both market penetration and the number of subscribers, at 53% and 213 mn, respectively, in 2016. Although the country has the largest number of subscribers to broadband connections throughout the world, the report finds that annual growth rates of the fixed broadband market are subsiding in the region as the market is moving towards maturity.

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Nevertheless, fixed broadband levels are expected to see a gradual rise in the country owing to factors such as ambitious targets by the government, rising disposable incomes of the population, a thriving telecom industry, and the rising audience-base of the digital media industry. The companies China Unicom and China Telecom account for the dominant share in the China fixed broadband market.

Japan and South Korea are among Asia’s leading countries in regards to the penetration of internet, which reached at about 91% in 2016. Other Asia countries such as Singapore with 84%, Taiwan with 83%, Hong Kong with 79%, and Azerbaijan with 79% internet penetration in 2016 also remained top markets for the fixed broadband technology.

The report states that South Korea and Hong Kong held the second and third positions in the Asia fixed broadband market terms of fixed broadband subscriber penetration with 41% and 32%, respectively in 2016. The demand for faster data connectivity across these countries is expected to further drive the market for fixed broadband in the next few years. Demand for bundled services has increased FttX deployments in these countries.

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