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Industry 4.0 Stimulates the Growth of Global Artificial Intelligence Robotics Market for Better Quality and Consistency

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Published on : Dec 09, 2019

ResearchMoz.us recently added the report pertaining to global artificial intelligence robotics market in their library titled “Global Artificial Intelligence Robotics Market Insights, Forecast to 2025”. The report states that the market is expected to grow consistently in from 2013 to 2018. The growth of the market is propelled by the factors such as development of IT and Telecom sector over past couple of days. Moreover, the pacing Industry 4.0 is also a key factor that plays the important role in the growth of global artificial intelligence robotics market. The report also states that the profound impact of robotics over various end-user industry also supports the growth of global artificial intelligence robotics market.

Demand for Improved Efficiency in the Manufacturing Sector Fuels the Growth

The world is changing at a rapid pace. People want quality products in limited time. Due to which the manufacturers are constantly in pursuit for technologies that can reduce the production time of the products without compromising the quality. AI enabled robotics can maintain the consistency in the products while reducing the production time substantially. They can easily be programed to monitor the anomaly in the final products and report if the any faults are found. Moreover, with the AI at its core, these robots can optimize the production in a hassle-free manner. Based on these benefits, and growing demand for quality in manufacturing industry, the global artificial intelligence robotics market shall grow substantially in the estimated time frame.

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Necessity to Reduce Human Intervention for Quality Assurance

AI is the solution to every issue associated with quality. It can reduce human intervention at a considerable level. This is because, AI can be fed with data that can help it to work accordingly and maintain the quality. Moreover, the artificial intelligence allow the robots to adopt to the infrastructure and environment. This further improves the quality of final products. Also artificial intelligence enabled robots are cost effective as they are low maintenance and swift. Based on these factors and substantial reduction in human intervention enhancing the quality is major driving factor for the growth of global artificial intelligence robotics market.

Healthcare Assistance to be the Most Lucrative Segment

Artificial intelligence enabled robots have extensive application in various healthcare operations. These machines can help the doctor in surgeries or can help pharmaceutical companies to manufacture drugs. Based on these applications, healthcare has become the largest customer of the global artificial intelligence robotics market. The segment is also emerging as the dominant due to demand for the quality precision drugs and several drug discovery researches. With the growing number of healthcare businesses in the world, the segment will dominate rest of the segments of global artificial intelligence robotics market.

Emergence of Enterprise Ready AI Platform

Various technology giants are now developing enterprise ready AI platforms. These platforms shall allow optimum functionality to the AI based robots in various industries. This implies stakeholders can monitor the performance of the robots from a remote location. With these platforms can easily enhance the productivity of a business. Hence, development of AI platforms shall boost the growth of global artificial intelligence robotics market in the projected time frame.

North America Remains at the Top Spot in the Projected Time Frame

Based on rising industrialization and evolving manufacturing industry in the U.S., North America is expected to continue its domination over other regions of global artificial intelligence robotics market. Additionally, presence of major prominent players in the region also propels the growth of North America in global artificial intelligence robotics market.