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Global Antifungal Market Gains on the Back of Rising Instances of Fungal Infections in Immuno-compromised People

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Published on : Dec 12, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Dec 12, 2016: Fungal infection afflicts those with a debilitated immune system or those having foreign materials, including medical devices such as an artificial joint or heart valve lodged in their bodies. Fungal infections can be classified as opportunistic and primary. Opportunistic fungal infection targets patients with a weak immune system and spreads like wildfire affecting other organs and often causing death. Primary fungal infection, on the other hand, can affect those with a normal immune system. 

There is a gamut of fungicidal preparations available in the market these days in the form of sprays, creams, solutions, tablets designed for vaginal infections (pessaries), oral medicines, shampoos, and injections. They destroy the cell wall of the fungus thereby causing the fungal cell to die. According to the report, one of the primary reasons for the growth in the global antifungal market is the growing instances of fungal infections in patients with weak immune systems. 

Other factors contributing to the growth of the market are the growing unhygienic condition in developed cities, alarming increase in the number of AIDS and cancer-afflicted people who are highly susceptible to fungal infections, and a growing pool of geriatric population. Further, the trend of higher spending on medicines by people all over the world and also increasing expenditure on health in almost every nation in the world have boosted growth of the overall market.

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The report also points out a few challenges hobbling the market’s growth. One of them is the harsh side effects of the drugs. Besides, growing resistance to drugs, coupled with dearth of new anti-fungal therapies are also acting as deterrents. Expensiveness of the drugs is also acting as a barrier to their swift uptake. The major trends noticed in the market include flourishing public-private partnership in pharmaceutical industry and growing awareness about the condition. 

The report offers an in-depth analysis of the global antifungal market with special focus on invasive anti-fungal segment. It peruses both global and regional aspects of the market. North America, due to high levels of awareness and intensive research and development, has led the market with a dominant share. However, owing to stiff competition from Asia Pacific and Latin America, it is slated to lose its market share going forward. Asia Pacific market is slated to expand impressively due to the huge population and developing healthcare facilities in the region. 

The well-established companies operating in the market compete with each other for greater market share. The report analyzes their revenues, market capitalizations, and product offerings. Some such key players profiled in the report are Johnson & Johnson, Novartis AG, Pfizer Inc., and Merck & Co. Inc.

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