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Rising Awareness Regarding Oral Hygiene Drives Anti-Sensitive Mouthwash Market

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Published on : Mar 09, 2021

Albany, New York, March 09, 2021: Growing awareness among consumers regarding oral health and easy and efficient solutions to fight off germs are influencing the adoption rate of anti-sensitive mouthwash.

Further, dentists across the globe are also recommending the use of mouthwash regularly to maintain the health hygiene. Also, approval of various anti-sensitive mouthwash is fuelling expansion of the market. 

Advent of various types of mouthwash is likely to create lucrative growth opportunities for players operating in the anti-sensitive mouthwash market.

The newly added report “Global Anti-Sensitive Mouthwash Market Research Report 2020” in RMoz repository provides insights about various factors contributing to growth of the market. It also presents information about several challenges and restraining factors that may limit the growth of the global anti-sensitive mouthwash market in coming years.

The report consists of 116 pages, each page depicting different aspects of the market growth. In addition, the analysts have used graphs and statistics to present the information in pictorial form. 

The market analysts have done in-depth research to provide details of the drivers and trends shaping the market. They have also visited several dentists and other key operators of the the global anti-sensitive mouthwash market to get an idea of possible growth rate in coming years.

Demand for Requirement-Specific Mouthwash Provides Lucrative Opportunities for Growth of Anti-Sensitive Mouthwash Market

As per market analyst, in 2018, cosmetic mouthwash segment accounted for major share in the global anti-sensitive mouthwash market. The segment is anticipated to be fastest growing segment in forthcoming years. On the other hand, demand for therapeutic mouthwash may decline due to low uptake of mouthwash as a pre-procedural consumable.

On contrary, low awareness regarding the benefits of using mouthwashes may downturn the growth trajectory of anti-sensitive mouthwash market. Also, preference for primary oral care and hygiene products as compared to secondary products is another factor, which may limit growth of the market in forthcoming years.
However, growing demand for requirement-specific functionalities is anticipated to accelerate growth rate of the global anti-sensitive mouthwash market.

Favorable Government Policies Underpins Expansion of the Market in Asia Pacific Region

Asia Pacific accounted for major share in the anti-sensitive mouth wash market. The major share is attributed to growing demand for oral care products among consumers present in India and China. Rising awareness about oral hygiene and growing disposable income are driving demand for anti-sensitive mouth wash in the region.
As per a report published by the World Health Organization (WHO), over 34% Indian are reportedly suffering from oral sensitivity problems. This is one of the key factors fuelling demand for anti-sensitive mouth wash products in India.

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Further, as per a report published by Oral Health Epidemiological Investigation, large chunk of population is suffering from oral problems. As a result, government is enforcing stringent regulations to raise awareness regarding oral health. For example, in the year 2016-2017, China government introduced various programs to increase awareness about regarding oral hygiene and covers dental clinics and dental hospitals. This, in turn, is boosting anti-sensitive mouth wash market in the region.
To strengthen foothold in the global market, some of the prominent players are undertaking several growth strategies such as strategic alliance, collaborations and partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions.

Some of the prominent players operating in the global anti-sensitive mouth wash market are Amway, Sunstar, Lion, Tom's Of Miane, Johnson, Dr Harold Katz, Colgate, GSK, CHTT, TP, and P&G.