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Usage of Amorphous Metals in Distribution Transformer Spells Growth

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Published on : Aug 30, 2019

ResearchMoz.us has announced the addition of a report, titled “Global Amorphous Metal Market Insights, Forecast to 2025”. Amorphous metals have rightly been called "the material of the century" in the United States and Europe and "the dream material" in Japan. Both the catchphrases are quite useful for the mass media to emphasize on the immense potential of this new genre of metallic alloys.

Global amorphous metal market is likely to gain traction from the numerous truly unique characteristics amorphous metals have, which renders them ideal for many applications across industries. These are utilized in a variety of alloys that can be made to posses one or more of the following characteristics: high mechanical strength and hardness, extremely low magnetic losses, ease of manufacture in large volume, radiation resistance, excellent catalytic properties, and zero magnetostriction.

Increased Usage across Many Industries Bolsters Demand for Amorphous Metals

High electrical conductive nature and special magnetic properties of amorphous metals lead to immense power savings and operating cost. Such utilities are driving the application of amorphous metals in the large volume distribution transformer application in Japan and the United States. Such application is boosting the global amorphous metal market.

Varied uses of the metal are spelling growth for the global amorphous metal market. Amorphous metals are also used in the manufacturing of thin-faced golf club heads due to their high coefficient of restitution (COR). This measurement of “restitution” refers to a collision between two objects and how much kinetic energy remains with the objects to rebound.

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Amorphous liquid metals can be cast and molded. Together with their characteristics of high resistance, this has led to replacement of plastic material with amorphous liquid metals in some instances. For instance, Apple Inc. is testing the feasibility of utilizing amorphous metals to see if they are capable of retaining a scratch-free surface longer than the other already available competing materials.

Besides, amorphous metals are finding application in heavy industries, which are making use of these metals as protective coatings for boiler tubes in electrical plants, petroleum drill pipes, and for industrial machinery.