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Advent of High-performance All Terrain Vehicles for Sports and Recreational Purposes to Stoke Sales

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Published on : Feb 27, 2018

ALBANY, New York, Feb 27, 2018: The report on the global all-terrain vehicle (ATV) sales market offers in-depth insights into the current market scope, emerging trends, notable opportunities, the share and size of prominent segments, and the competitive landscape. The study takes a closer look at the prevailing regulatory dynamics in major regions and evaluates their impact on the rising sales and key lucrative avenues. The analysis highlights the sales volumes in major application segments such as sports and leisure, agriculture industry, out-door work, and military forces during the forecast period of 2013–2025. 

The rising demand of all-terrain vehicles that can be safely drive in a wide variety of terrain, including difficult and rugged ones, is driving their sales in various regions. The rising popularity of robust and flexible, off-road vehicles for a range of recreational and adventure purposes is a noteworthy trend bolstering the sales of ATVs. The growing use of ATVs in a number of sectors, notably in agriculture, construction, and defense, is attributed to their striking benefits of marked maneuverability and off-roading capability. As off-road utility vehicles gather steam in several developing and developed regions, the sales for ATVs is likely to get a vigorous boost over the assessment period.

The wide popularity of ATVs in sports and for adventure among a growing population is a noteworthy trend likely to favorably impact the sales in various parts of the world. The advent and the steady development of high-performance models of ATVs, typically with four wheels, is aiding the swelling sales in emerging and developed nations, notably the U.S. and parts of Southeast Asia. In recent years, the launch of ATVs especially aimed for racing and sporting activities is a welcome move aiding in the expansion of the all-terrain vehicles sales market. 

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The advent of ATVs to meet the specialized requirements of different types of terrain is a notable factor anticipated to unlock promising prospects for market players. The increasing use of ATVs in border patrolling in mountainous region is boosting their sales in various regions. 

Several concerns related to the safe use of ATVs, such as work related accidents and serious injuries, have dampened the demand to an extent. Nevertheless, the growing focus of safe driving methods and various regulations pertaining to the same have allayed these concerns considerably. Moreover, the growing use of protective gear or equipment by riders using ATVs has a positive bearing on the drivers’ safety. The focus on higher rate of helmet use bodes well for the safe use of ATVs. Moreover the various structural benefits of all-terrain vehicle will continue to appeal to adventurists and explorers alike. The wider enforcement of safety standards of operating ATVs in developed nations, such as in North America, will positively contribute to the rising sales. 

The launch of ATVs at competitive pricing in several emerging nations such as India and China is a favorable factor poised to drive their sales in these regions. Furthermore, manufacturers are trying to develop technologically-advanced ATVs with higher speed and better engine capacity. This augurs well for the global market. The growing number of launches is also likely to boost the market over the forecast period. Advancements in tire technologies in recent years have also contributed to a burgeoning sales of all-terrain vehicle sales, globally. 

Players showcasing prominence in the global all-terrain vehicle sales market include Cectek, Linhai Group, Feishen Group Co Ltd, Kwang Yang Motor Co, Ltd, CFMOTO, Hisun Motors, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Arctic Cat, Yamaha Motor Company Limited, Kawasaki, Honda Motor Company, Ltd., and Polaris Consulting & Services Limited. 

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