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Rising Accidents after Consuming Alcohol Increased Use of Alcohol Test Equipment in Various Countries

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Published on : Nov 27, 2019

ResearchMoz.us has announced the addition of a report, titled “Global Alcohol Test Equipment Market Insights, Forecast to 2025”. In this report, all the key details related to the growth of the alcohol test equipment market given and are thoroughly discussed. Key drivers, restraints, opportunities, and threats are also analyzed and are presented with examples to give a clear picture of the market. Geographical growth prospects and strategies used by leading players are also systematically presented in this report. 

A significant rise in the global alcohol test equipment market in the coming years, due to cases of accidents caused by drink and driving. Moreover, growing alcohol consumption across the globe has further augmented growth in the global alcohol test equipment market. The number of cases related to illegal consumption of drugs has grown has also triggered growth in this market. Besides, law enforcement agencies, the use of alcohol test equipment are also seen in professional workplaces and businesses to ensure that their employee has not taken any illegal intoxicating substances. Attributing to all the above-mentioned scenarios, the demand in the global alcohol test equipment market is expected to increase significantly in the coming years and the market is likely to grow at single digit CAGR over the forecast period between 2019 and 2025. Revenue generation in this market is also projected to be high, due to strict laws and regulations that are being imposed in most of the nations.  

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Development is also seen in the global alcohol test equipment market, where nowadays portable testers available and are largely used for alcohol testing. Developments is also grown with respect to materials, concept, and manufacturing processes that have allowed the alcohol test equipment to be much cheaper, smaller, and with higher effectiveness as compared to its predecessors. Moreover, ease of portability of these machines and its low prices are other key factors augmenting growth in the global alcohol test equipment market. 

In this report, analysts have also presented key segments in which the global alcohol test equipment market is divided. Type and application are the key segments, in which types include desktop and handheld alcohol test equipment and application include transportation industry, medical, and other as sub-segments.

With respected to geographical growth, the global market on alcohol test equipment is analyzed pertaining to key regions including North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Among these, North America held leading position in this market. However, in the coming years, Asia Pacific is expected to lead the global alcohol test equipment market. Increasing consumption of drugs and alcohol while on work in rural areas has increased the demand for alcohol test equipment. 

In terms of competitive landscape, prominent players analyzed in this report include Alcohol Countermeasure Systems, Drager, Lifeloc Technologies, Intoximeters, Alere Lion Laboratories Limited, Alcolizer Technology, Breathalysers NZ Ltd, and American Interlock. Regional and global players are have a key role in their respective regions. Efforts made by these companies in development and marketing to get bigger share in the market is also assisting in the growth in the global alcohol test equipment market.