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Published on : May 26, 2015

ALBANY, New York, April 30, 2015 – ResearchMoz.com has announced the addition of the “Airport Retail Survey & Luxury Trends 2015-2016” report to their offering. This market research report offers a detailed analysis of the airport retail industry, which is expanding quite rapidly owing to several factors such as rising income levels around the world, stiff competition, competitive pricing strategies, and rising consumerism. The report analyzes the performance of this market by taking into account the popularity of airport retailing amongst travelers. 

The quantitative and qualitative analysis compiled in this research report is derived from primary and secondary information sources. Useful market insights as stated by numerous industry experts have also been included in this research report. Furthermore, the market study aims to evaluate the performance of the airport retail industry over the past couple of years via comparative analysis.

This research study throws light on the dynamics of the airport retail market with special emphasis on luxury brands and the role they play in driving this market. An interesting observation covered in this report is the impact of the availability of duty-free products on the airport retail market. There are several travelers who purchase luxury goods in duty-free shops located in airports.

To request a sample copy with TOC of this report, click the link below: https://www.researchmoz.com/airport-retail-survey-and-luxury-trends-2015-2016-report.html

The market study identifies the factors that have a direct impact on the purchasing patterns and customer opinion, the analysis of which throws light on the demand patterns in the airport retail market. In addition to demand patterns, the research study discusses the most commonly purchased products in airport retail outlets and the most preferred brands in duty-free stores as well as in stores with duty charges. The report also enlists the favorite airports of people in terms of the retail experience that each is said to offer.

The market study highlights that 6 out of 10 travelers spend no more than fifteen minutes in duty-paid retail outlets in airports. Also, the past year’s estimates indicate that customers belonging to the age group of 45 years and above mainly purchased newspapers and magazines from retail outlets in airports. It has also been observed that travelers who visit airport retail outlets mostly spend on products such as handbags, gents’ bags, briefcases, and precious jewelry.

The propensity of travelers to make purchases in airport retail outlets can be attributed to the widespread availability and growing popularity of luxury brands in addition to competitive pricing trends followed by the airport retail industry. The report discusses the crucial trends prevailing in the airport retail market via comprehensive evaluation of parameters such as brand preferences, shopping frequency, preferred travel locations, patterns of purchasing, and most importantly, average expenditure. This research report also assesses the average time travelers spend in retail outlets in airports.

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