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Aircraft Fairing Market is Poised for Growth due to the Need to Revamp Aging Fleets

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Published on : Feb 14, 2020

An aircraft fairing refers to a structure that diminishes drag and produces smooth outline. These structures are utilized for the coverage of spaces and gaps between various components of an aircraft to diminish interference drag and form drag. This also helps in the improvement of appearance.

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd., Barnes Group Inc., CTRM Aero Composites Sdn Bhd, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Royal Engineered Composites, and Royal Engineered Composites are some of the well-known players in the global aircraft fairing market.
North America to Retain its Market Dominance over the Tenure of Assessment
North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin Africa comprise some of the key regions of the global aircraft fairing market. Region-based segmentations offer a detailed view of the market in various parts of the world.

North America is forecasted to emerge as one the leading regions of the global aircraft fairing market. High demand for replacement of aging fleets and newer and more advanced aircraft are anticipated to keep North America at the forefront of the regional market growth.

On the other hand, Asia Pacific aircraft fairing market is likely to come up as one of the rapidly growing region in the years to come. Various modernization programs to ramp up the aviation industry in Asia Pacific is estimated to lead to the increased demand for high-end aircraft fairings.  Presence of some of the key market players, such as ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. and Verdant Telemetry & Antenna Systems, in the region is likely to foster growth of the regional market. 

Eco-friendly Components for Making of Aircraft Fairing Set the Trend

The global aircraft fairing market is expected to experience considerable growth throughout the period of assessment. The increasing need for revamping the aging aircrafts is likely to play a significant role for the growth of the global aircraft fairing market in the years to come.

Aircraft fairing comprises stringers, floor beans, frames, and bulkheads. The utilization of materials like composite offers low weight, resistance to corrosion, and high strength to the aircraft fairing. These factors are estimated to trigger growth of the global aircraft fairing market in years to come. Furthermore, increased application of aircraft fairing in landing gear, wings, cockpit, engine, fuselage, flight control surface is likely to propel growth of the global aircraft fairing market in the years to come.

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The global aircraft fairing market has witnessed several important developments in the last few years. The market is likely to expand at a rapid pace over the tenure of assessment due to its utilization in several applications. Aircraft fairings are used in shielding basic structures and frameworks from various adverse substances of external environment. The main contribution of aircraft fairings lie in its ability to give decreased drag and smooth diagram. The use of eco-friendly and low cost components in the making of the product is likely to usher in a new era for the global aircraft fairing market.

Based on the parameter of application, the aircraft fairings market is split into landing gear, nose, wings, fuselage, and flight control surface. The fuselage refers to the central and main body of a fixed wing aircraft. It gives enough space for various equipment, passengers, accessories, control, and cargo. The segment of fuselage is likely to emerge as a prominent application for the aircraft fairings.

Based on the parameter of end user, the global aircraft fairing market is divided into aftermarket and OEM. The aftermarket segment is estimated to rise to prominence over the tenure of assessment. Various components of aircraft fairing need to be replaced or repaired during the maintenance work. As part of the aftermarket support services, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services are provided by the manufacturers.