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Global Agriculture Robots Market Thrives on the Pressure to Feed Burgeoning Population

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Published on : Nov 12, 2019

The growth of the global agriculture robots market is likely to be driven by the growing urge for enhancing efficiency of farms and reduced production cost. Agriculture is rapidly gaining the recognition as a high-tech industry, which is attracting new investors, new companies, and professionals from other industries. Technologies that are used in farms are evolving rapidly and are enhancing the production capabilities of the farms so as to meet the growing demand for food.

At the very core of this situation lies the need for substantially augmented production output. According to the estimates of the United Nations, the population of the world is poised to grow from 7.7 billion in 2019 to 9.7 billion by 2050. There is and will be a lot more need for food to feed the burgeoning global population. As such, the farmers are faced with the pressure cater to this demand for food.

Some of the well-established players of the global agriculture robots market are Trimble Navigation Ltd., Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc., DJI Technology Co., Ltd., Agrobotix LLC, Deere & Company, AgJunction, Inc., Lely Group, and BouMatic, LLC.

Use of Agricultural Robots to Optimize Farm Yield Bolster Demand in the Market

Agricultural robots are designed to perform the mundane and repetitive tasks of a farmer, thereby making way for them to shift their focus on the overall improvement of the production yields. Agriculture robots perform these below-mentioned tasks

  • Autonomous thinning, spraying, seeding, pruning,  and mowing
  • Utility platforms
  • Picking and harvesting
  • Sorting and packing
  • Phenotyping 
  • Weed control

Picking and harvesting comprise are two of the most common uses of agriculture robots due to the speed and preciseness that they come with and it helps to optimize the yields. It also diminishes crop wastes that are left lying on the fields.

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However, these applications are faced with difficulty when it comes to automation. For instance, a robotic that is made to pick strawberries might come across some hindrances. It is the human vision that determines which ones to be picked and which ones are not to be. It is difficult for vision systems of agricultural robots to determine the ripeness of strawberries if adverse climatic conditions exist. 

Drones also a classified as a type of agricultural robot, which are widely utilized for surveillance of the fields and the farms at large. Aerial images thus gathered by drones offer a detailed view of the entire terrain. These images underscore the areas that need attention and the ones that are healthy. The information extracted from these pictures is expected to enable farmers make better planning and budgeting of harvesting and farming processes so that optimum yield id obtained.

Picking and harvesting robots have recently gained substantial popularity in the recent years. Nonetheless, these robots are also used for many other innovative purposes by the agricultural sector to optimize farm yield.

The demand for food across the globe is becoming greater than the availability of land fit for farming. Therefore, it is now up to the farmers to bridge this gap and optimize farm output to feed the burgeoning global population. Agricultural robots are assisting the farmers in obtaining the desired output, thereby driving the global agriculture robots market. 

North America to Lead the Market owing to its Extensive Use of Agricultural Robots

The global agriculture robots market is segmented into North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific.

North America is likely to account for the lion’s share of the global agriculture robots market during the forecast period. Regional dominance of North America is owing to the growing industrialization of various farming equipment. Technologically advanced farming equipment are expected to meet the need desired productivity level so as to satisfy the demand for food across the globe. The region extensively makes use of agricultural robots and farm management software to achieve high production accuracy. These factors the making North America a prominent region in the global agriculture robots market.