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Agricultural Plastic Films Market is Driven by Supportive Government Initiatives

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Published on : Feb 13, 2020

Soil solarization refers to one of the usual practices that is carried on in advanced agriculture. These plastic films diminish the exposure of seeds and soil and as such conserve soil moisture and nutrients, lessen the soil compaction and impact of weed seeds. The films are also extensively utilized in protected cultivation. The global agricultural plastic films market is expected to rise on the back of increased demand from the agricultural segment across the globe.

Agricultural film is an advanced application for modern agriculture. It finds extensive use in several innovative and new agricultural practices. Agricultural plastic films are utilized widely for the purpose of mulching, greenhouse farming, and soil protection. The advantages thus derived from it comprise temperature control, weed control, nutrient conservation, reduced soil erosion and compaction, protection against UV rays, and seed germination.

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Exxon Mobil Corporation, British Polythene Industries PLC, AEP Industries Inc., Britton Group LDC, Grupo Armando Alvarez, and Trioplast Industrier AB are some of the well-known players in the global agricultural plastic films market.

Asia Pacific to Remain at the Forefront Market Growth

In the global agricultural plastic films market, Asia Pacific is prophesized to account for the lion’s share of the market. Most of the farmers in this region make use of mulch to maximize their yield. Furthermore, favorable initiatives of the governments in this region encourage growth of the market. Initiatives such as facilitating research and development on protected agricultural practices are likely to trigger growth of the agricultural plastic films market in years to come. China is estimated to experience growth at a rapid pace in the forthcoming years.

Europe is anticipated to experience moderate growth in the years to come due to strict environmental regulations pertaining to the use of plastics in the continent. Stringent environmental regulations in the continent do not permit plastic film manufacturing and disposal. Nevertheless, shifting of consumer focus toward biodegradable materials is likely to propel growth of the agricultural plastic films market in the region.

The agricultural plastic films market in North America is considered mature with opportunity for moderate growth in foreseeable future. In addition to that, high cost associated with such agricultural films together with the relocation of many polyethylene facilities to countries in Middle East and Arica and Asia Pacific is likely to facilitate sluggish growth in the region over the tenure of assessment.

Demand for Increased Crop Yield Triggers Growth of the Market

The global agricultural plastic films market foresees prominence in years to come owing to augmented demand for food from the ever-increasing population of the world. Rise in population leads to the increased requirement for maximized agricultural productivity. Requirement for high quality crop and decline in the availability of arable land are further expected to drive the global agricultural plastic films market in years to come.

Agricultural plastic films find wide use in covering greenhouses. They are put all over the soil or are wrapped around fodder. These films assist in the improvement of the quality of crop, thereby improving overall productivity of the crop. Growing requirement for increased production to meet the daily requirement of food has resulted in the commercialization of this type of agricultural coverings.

Following a surge in the legalization of hemp and marijuana, the demand for agricultural plastic films is also seen to rise. Hemp cultivation in the US, recreational marijuana in Canada, and cultivation of medical marijuana provide new promising opportunities for the global agricultural plastic films market in near future. Plastic mulch, amongst other type of agricultural plastic films, is increasingly being preferred over others owing to its reasonable pricing and effectiveness in yield maximization.