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A Rise in New Technologies and Quick Government Approvals due to COVID-19 Outbreak to Boost Growth of Acute Care Ventilator Market

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Published on : Feb 23, 2021

Acute care ventilators are acting as a workhorse in the healthcare sector for a long time. Acute care ventilators are medical devices that provide consistent oxygen supply to the body by pushing air to the lungs. It is prominently used for lung disease treatment as well as conditions such as diabetic ulcers, neuromuscular disorder, and others. Acute care ventilators are also used during surgeries and post-surgeries for enhancing normal breathing. In terms of type, acute care ventilators have been classified as electrical, pneumatic, and mechanical. Based on end-user, it is categorized in ambulances, hospitals, and others. 

This report on the acute care ventilators market offers in-depth analysis through considerable research across various parameters such as competitive landscape, key trends and current scenario. The report will also focus on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the acute care ventilator market. This report will prove as a boon for the business owners and market shareholders in this sector to a large extent.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created havoc across the globe with its deadly attack on the human body across a large populace. With more than a million positive cases and related fatalities crossing 50000 worldwide, it is one of the most dangerous outbreaks that the world has ever experienced. Many critical cases infected by the novel coronavirus experience severe respiratory disorders. Acute care ventilators are used for providing oxygen to the body. Therefore, the demand for ventilators is soaring at a faster rate by day around the world.
Quick government approvals in introducing new technologies and large scale manufacturing sanctions may multiply the growth rate of the acute care ventilator market. The COVID-19 pandemic has also led governments to invoke various acts for boosting the production of ventilators. The Defense Production Act, 1950 invoked by US President Donald Trump to accelerate ventilator production is on such instance. The invoking of the Defense Production Act, 1950 has led to the awarding of ventilator manufacturing contracts by the US government to companies like Philips and General Motors. Hence, General Motors and Ventec Life Systems have started working together to manufacture high-quality acute care ventilators. 

New players are fraying in the acute care ventilators market for manufacturing ventilators on a large scale. Tesla is an instance of new players entering the acute care ventilators market is. Tesla, a leading electric car manufacturing company has developed a ventilator using the parts used in electric vehicles. Another company Dyson, a household appliance manufacturer has designed and manufactured CoVent, a ventilator that makes use of a motor installed in the company’s vacuum cleaners. 

Manufacturers in the acute care ventilators market are thoroughly focusing on research and development activities to come up with new technologies for coping up with the global demand for acute care ventilators. Many companies not having a medical manufacturing background are also introducing path-breaking designs and concepts for ventilators. This may boost the growth rate of the acute care ventilators market. Recently, an anesthetist collaborated with a local engineering company and invented a ventilation system named ‘COVID Emergency Ventilator’. The ventilator not only helps the patients to breathe but also cleans the room from any viral particles. The ventilator has been approved by the Welsh Government and 100 ventilators will be manufactured each day. 

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The COVID-19 outbreak has led to a spur in the demand for acute care ventilators across the globe. The acute care ventilators market is geographically spread across North America, South America, Middle East and Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific. There will be increased demand for acute care ventilators across the regional landscape but North America and Europe will record the highest demand due to a massive number of COVID-19 infected patients.