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New Applications and Changing Customer Preferences to Create High Demand for Acrylic Coating Resins

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Published on : Dec 09, 2019

Acrylic coatings are becoming more common across industry verticals than ever before. Their ability to resist chemical and photochemical reactions and the low cost makes them a viable option for several industries. They are able to render protection to products at a sustainable and pocket-friendly way. And, this has made acrylic coating more popular. That said, the sheer range of applications create the need for developing acrylic coatings with distinct properties and to achieve this, users adopt resins. This has led ResearchMoz.us to add a report on the global acrylic coating resins market recently to its vast repository of reports. 

Acrylic coatings find applications in automobiles, electronics, inks, furniture, industrial products, and architecture. While the list of applications is endless, it is important to understand how the same product makes way to help several consumers across industries. The answer to this lies in the resins used with the acrylic coatings. These resins provide color, texture, and add other properties that make them suitable for specific applications. 

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One of the largest consumers of acrylic coating resins is automobile. While some parts of the world might be facing a slump, but experts predict that the industry will bounce back to track with time, and the demand for products allied with the industry will also shoot up. In automobiles, the fact that the products are subject to various weather conditions qualify for the demand for acrylic coating resins. On the other hand, the variety that automobile manufacturers provide in design, style, and color, makes the requirement of products in the global acrylic resins market more prominent.

With companies in the automobile sector experimenting new design quality and approaches, experts hint at new opportunities for players in the global acrylic coating resins market. Besides the automobile industry, similar applications also emerge in the other transportation industries like airplane manufacturers and rail coach makers. Besides, applications also come up in public transport systems where products in the global acrylic coating resins market will be important. 

Another sector where the demand for products in the global market for acrylic coatings is growing is construction and architecture. With standards of infrastructure bettering with time and technology marking way for state-of-the-art designs, the space has become niche in its own way. A lot of credit goes to the versatility that products used for design offer. Acrylic coating resins are one of them. The competitiveness to provide better products and the liability to create better living and working space has augmented the demand for products in the global acrylic coating resins market. With more construction coming its way especially in developing and emerging nations, the demand for products in the global market for acrylic coating resins is expected to grow. 

Besides transport and architecture, electronics is another critical segment that keeps the hopes high among players in the global acrylic coating resins market. Deciphering the sheer volume of electronic products making way to the market is unfathomable. That said, the basic properties of acrylic coatings and the resins used in them make a win-win situation for both players in the electronics industry and the global acrylic coating resins market. With new electronic products coming into the market and companies in the industry continuing to innovate their products, the demand for products in the global acrylic resins market will remain high.