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Medical Segment to Propel Demand for 3D Printing Service Platform Due to Emergence of Bioprinting

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Published on : Jan 23, 2017

ALBANY, New York, January 23, 2017: The report “3D Printing Service Platform: Patent, Business Opportunity, and Brand Strength Analysis” featured on ResearchMoz.us reveals key information about the present trends, opportunities, drivers, and challenges in the market. 3D printing has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years, augmenting the demand for 3D printing service platforms. Over the coming years, the materials used in 3D printing will undergo inevitable changes, thus increasing the likelihood of the introduction of 4D printing.

Three-dimensional (3D) printing is a method of manufacturing wherein objects are produced through the deposition or fusion of materials such as powders, metals, liquids, plastic, ceramics, or living cells to form layers that create the desired object. This process is also known as solid free-form technology (SFF), rapid prototyping (RP), or additive manufacturing (AM). The common types of 3D printers are fused deposition modeling, selective laser sintering, and thermal inkjet printing.

The 3D printing service platform has expanded to include players from diverse applications such as IT service providers, software developers, hardware manufacturers, agents, and distributors. The market will experience extensive growth because of the ever-increasing number of application areas. Government aid, lowering of costs, less printing time, absence of restrictions related to size of the object, and technological innovations in the field of 3D printing will augment the demand.

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One of the chief features of 3D printing is perhaps that the designs are not under manufacturing constraints and the degree of complexity of designs no longer increases the costs. Therefore, the production can be cost-efficient, simultaneously offering a wide scope for customization.

The 3D printing service platform market is segmented broadly according to geography, technology, and sector and field. According to application, the market can be categorized into aerospace, automotive, consumer products, medical, and machines among others. Experts suggest that while the U.S. holds the lion’s share in the market, Asia Pacific presents greater opportunities for earning profit. According to end users, the market can be divided into consumer, commercial, and industrial segments.

It is believed that healthcare will emerge as an important segment in the 3D printing service platform market. This segment can be divided into several broad groups such as bioprinting organs and tissues and the creation of personalized implants, anatomical models, and prosthetics, among many others. Organ printing utilizes 3D printing technology in order to create biomaterials, cells, and cell-laden biomaterials, which ultimately aim to fabricate near copies of natural organs.

The report begins with an in-depth overview of the 3D printing service platform market, discussing consignment manufacturing, drawing, sales, matchmaking, and 3D figure customization. The report also covers factors such as business strategies and limitations of major companies, chief vendors’ technological readiness and patent deployment status, and market opportunities for new entrants. Some of the major players are eBay, Amazon, Stratasys, MakerBot, Autodesk, and Shapeways.

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