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Global 3d printed composite materials market to reach $ 623.6 million by 2028

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Published on : Dec 29, 2020

ResearchMoz.us has announced the addition of a report, titled “Global 3D-Printed Composite Materials Market Research Report 2020”. The report on the global 3D-printed composite materials market is an in-depth assessment of important factors that aid user in finding out new growth opportunities. In addition, it makes new entrants aware about likely investment avenues and competitive environment of this market.

The study offers a granular analysis of the factors and trends underpinning the high business potential in various applications, such as aerospace & defense, transportation, medical, consumer goods, and others. The research report allows user to take a closer look at latest technological developments and product development avenues in the North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Latin America. All these details are important as they help user to understand impact of these developments on the 3D-printed composite materials market.

In this report, the user is enlightened on various key aspects such as recent trends and prospects of the 3D-printed composite materials market. Moreover, through the analysis carried out by the expert analysts in this research report, you get precise prediction of impact of current trends on the demand. On the basis of types, the report performs segmentation of the global 3D-printed composite materials market into glass fiber, carbon fiber, and others.

Aerospace Turn Outs to Be Key Sector Boosting Demand

The growing use of 3D-printed composite materials in aerospace sector is said to be one of the major factors expected to boost the 3D-printed composite materials market during the forecast period. In the recent times, companies engaged in aircraft engine manufacturing are increasingly preferring these material types for building high-pressure turbines. The key reason behind this shift in preference over traditional options such as alloy or metal is their high-temperature resistance and low weight.

Continuous Requirement in Automotive Sector to Support Market Growth

The use of 3D-printed composite materials can advance engine efficiency and achieve reduction in fuel consumption. This ability of these materials can aid in minimizing emissions, which is pushing the demand for these materials in automotive sector. Besides, growing demand for fuel-efficient vehicles is helping the global 3D-printed composite materials market. There is consistent growth in sales of cars and other automobiles in recent times. This signifies continuous increase in demand for these materials in automobile sector for production of seats, door modules, automotive door panels, pickup boxes, and interior headliners.

Besides commercial aerospace and automotive sectors, 3D-printed carbon fiber composites are widely used in other industries such as defense. The components created using 3D-printed carbon fiber composite materials are highly durable due to various properties such as abrasion and strain resistance. These qualities are expected to aid in boosting the demand for these composites in upcoming period, thereby assist in the growth of the global 3D-printed composite materials market.

North America Shows Promising Avenues

North America holds substantial number of automobile companies, which are key consumers for 3D-printed composite materials. This signifies the potential for the growth of the 3D-printed composite materials market in this region. In addition, collaborations and partnerships in numerous companies in this region are making it one of the prominent regions. Besides, Europe is one of the prominent regions that show extensive development opportunities due to presence of a few aerospace and defense companies in it. Furthermore, Asia pacific is expected to show promising growth in the demand of 3D-printed composite materials. The key reason behind growth in this region is considerable number of automotive companies in emerging economies such as China and India. Besides, the report covers regional analysis of this market in Latin America region.

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The list of major players contributing to the growth of the global 3D-printed composite materials market includes EOS, 3D Systems Corporation, Markforged, Arevo Labs, Stratasys, 3Dynamic Systems, Fortify, Cosine Additive, 3DXTECH, Techmer PM, and Mankati, Esun.