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Published on : Dec 12, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Dec 12, 2016: This study on the market for 3D concrete printing presents a detailed study encapsulating the historical data, industry-validated facts and data, and thoughtful insights on the market. The current and the predicted size of the market by the end of the forecast period has also been presented through this study. The market has also been studied in terms of its technology front; the impact of key technological developments on the growth of the market has also been presented through this study. The revenue and production scenario in the market has been presented in order to present an overall understanding of the market.

The first part of the report presents an overview of the global 3D concrete printing market. This part also includes the specifications, classifications, and definition of 3D concrete printing. 3D concrete printing refers to a cutting-edge and technologically developed method utilized for making pre-designed building components by using 3D concrete printers. There is an increased demand for 3D concrete printing from the construction companies globally. These companies are primarily focusing on experimenting with numerous types of printing machines and concrete mixes in order to bring new developments within this construction technique. Owing to the rising industrialization and urbanization, the requirement for new constructions has rapidly increased globally, thus providing impetus to the overall market for 3D concrete printing.

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In the next part of the study, the segmentation of the global 3D printing market has been presented. In terms of application, the report segments the market into domestic construction including commercial and residential, industrial construction, architectural construction, and others including healthcare, education, and sports. In terms of region, the report categorizes the 3D concrete printing market into Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America. Country-wise, the report segments the market into India, Japan, and China. 

Moving further, a section on the manufacturing cost structure evaluation of 3D printing has been presented. This section throws light on the suppliers of raw material in the market, evaluates the manufacturing cost structure, and presents the industry chain structure of 3D concrete printing. In addition, the manufacturing plant and technical data analysis of 3D concrete printing is also presented through this study. This section encapsulates an analysis on the sources of raw materials, the status of research and development, and technology source of the key manufacturers operating in the 3D concrete printing market in 2015.

The last section of the study highlights the prime manufacturers operating in the 3D concrete printing market. This section also studies the manufacturers on the basis of their product specifications and picture. The prime manufacturers operating in the market are CRH PLC, Carillion PLC, Dus Architects, and Heidelberg Cement AG, among others.

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