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Global 3-Methyl Pyridine Market to Grow at the Back of Innovations in Chemical Manufacturing

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Published on : Sep 03, 2019

Success stories related to the use of agrochemicals have lately become a matter of discussion. The field of green chemistry has helped in the development of sustainable agrochemicals. Moreover, chemical innovations for improved sustainability and prevention of pollution have been felicitated by global organisations. Therefore, the use of 3-methyl pyridine in manufacturing agrochemicals has played an integral role in market growth. This market is striding toward fruition as the chemicals industry embraces innovative technologies. 

Companies such as Dow AgroSciences, Verdezyne, Newlight Technologies, and CB&I were rewarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award in Portland in 2016. These companies have pioneered the development of sustainable agrochemicals. Furthermore, several other developments in the field of green chemistry are attributable to these companies. The growth of these companies has prompted other market players to make changes to their approach toward chemical manufacturing. 

The growth of the 3-methyl pyridine market could gather pace as the research nodes for agrochemicals gain popularity. Research Moz (Rmoz), in one of its reports, captures the essence of growth within the 3-methyl pyridine market. 

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Utility of 3-Methyl Pyridine in Agriculture

Apart from being an important chemical for testing and experimentation in labs, 3-methyl pyridine is also used in the agricultural sector. This factor is expected to create a regular channel of revenues in the global 3-methyl pyridine market. Furthermore, the oil and gas industry has also emerged as a key end-user of 3-methyl pyridine. The lucrative nature of operations in this industry could aid market growth. 

North America at the Forefront of Market Growth

The global 3-methyl pyridine market is regionally segmented into South America, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. The 3-methyl pyridine market in North America is projected to acquire a substantial share of the global market. Availability of supreme chemical research facilities in the US and Canada is behind the potential growth of the regional market.