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The pharmaceutical industry has enhanced the economy of every nation in indispensable ways. Being a $1 trillion-dollar industry, it encompasses a broad range of aspects and drug products to fulfill the compelling need for ever-better medicines in the market. As the demand for health care increases across the globe, there is a continuous pressing need for drug delivery and new developments in medicines across commercial and domestic verticals. 


However, it is significant to understand the right purchase and use of drugs for the right reasons. And that’s precisely the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced a vital program called ‘The Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy’ (REMS) program that is mainly focused on minimizing the abuse associated threats and risks of prescription drugs. This program focuses on spreading awareness and educating the doctors about the use of prescription drugs, proper pain management, improving patient awareness, and patient selection about using the medicines and drugs available in the market safely. 


In 2007, over 33 million Americans were subjected to the prescription drug abuse, of which most of them were aged 12 years and older. Therefore, the value of putting an end to the drug overdosing, intentional or unintentional injury death, and misused opioid painkillers have become very important. There are drugs in the sale of medication market that require a prescription from an authorized medical professional, and most of the other times some medicines require a license strictly regulated by medical law. All these aspects are entirely different from the concept of OTC over-the-counter drugs that are not prescription drugs.


That’s precisely why the FDA and certain similar programs are aimed at bringing about a revolutionary change in the prescription drugs market. They recommend that purchasers must follow a strict medication guide and/or brand name drug products that are established and known for their health benefits.