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Pipeline Construction in Europe Shaped by Politics and Environment

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Published Date : Aug 2014

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Report reflects future pipeline construction activities to move energy supplies into Europe and country infrastructure projects moving supplies from their boarder to the ultimate consumer. Report shows the length of pipeline being constructed in each country and shows that the construction of natural gas pipeline will dominate the pipeline landscape to 2020.


  • Planned pipeline construction activities for crude oil, product movements and natural gas to 2020
  • Total length of pipeline to be constructed within each European country boarder
  • Russia’s proposed pipeline plans to move incremental natural gas volumes into Europe, including a route that by-passes Ukraine.
  • How Russia’s plans to bring increasing volumes of gas into Europe contrasted with Europe’s desire to reduce dependence on Russian energy supplies.
  • Pipeline activities and construction associated with moving new natural gas production from the Caspian area into Europe.
  • Specific information on the South Stream pipeline from Russia and the Southern Gas Corridor Pipelines which includes the Southern Caucasus, the Trans Anatolian and Trans Adriatic Pipelines.

Reasons to buy

  • Shows challenges in achieving a consensus between European countries on energy supply matters including pipeline routes and securing additional natural gas supplies from Russia
  • Provides information concerning potential construction, including materials and engineering work required in individual and cross-country opportunities to participate in building multi-billion dollar pipeline projects to move natural gas from production source to ultimate consumer.
Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents
Pipeline Length in Europe (km), 2014
Pipelines Additions in Europe (km), 2015-2020
South Caucasus Pipeline Route Map

List of Table

Table 1: Pipeline Length in Europe (km), 2014
Table 2: Pipelines Additions in Europe (km), 2015-2020

List of Chart

Figure 1: South Caucasus Pipeline Route MapA

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