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Physician Perspectives 2017: Use of ustekinumab in IBD

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Published Date : Feb 2018

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Physician Perspectives 2017: Use of ustekinumab in IBD


This Physician Perspectives survey focuses on the use of ustekinumab in IBD.

UST appears to be the preferred non-TNF biologic for treatment of moderate-to-severe Crohns disease, most frequently prescribed after the failure of one or two anti-TNFs (most often IFX & ADA), and before VDZ.

73% of physicians reported having had high expectations of UST's efficacy, and 58% stated that these expectations had been met, while 12% stated that they had not been met.

Majority of physicians expected UST to be somewhat effective or effective to treat UC patients with left-sided UC, non-acute, steroid dependent UC, extensive UC, ulcerative proctitis, acute severe colitis, and to treat patients with a high BMI.

The report includes following topics -
- Current clinical use of UST
- UST safety & efficacy
- UST patient monitoring
- Treatment response to UST
- UST treatment strategies
- Future use in UC.


- Sociable Pharma conducted an online survey in Q4 2017, with 100 specialist gastroenterologists
- Physicians interviewed were from 5EU and US countries
- This report contains the findings from the survey, together with analysis, as well as an overview of the methodology used, and responder demographics.

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- Qualitative insight from 100 high-prescribing specialists in IBD
- Includes insight & recommendations from our disease-specific healthcare analysts
- Utilizes independent expert viewpoints to validate the impact of emerging trends on management of IBD
- Provides cost-effective support for your advisory boards, with topics acting as a catalyst for further expert discussion.
Table of contents
Executive Summary
Survey Results

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