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The photovoltaics industry has burst into the spotlight in recent years thanks to the rising emphasis put on solar power as a viable alternative energy source. The solar power sector is garnering significant attention and investment from government bodies as well as private investors and is likely to remain a key part of the global energy scenario in the coming years. This will enable steady growth of the photovoltaics sector.

Photovoltaics technology is being applied in a wide variety of circumstances due to its easy customizability. Many countries in underdeveloped regions such as Southeast Asia, Africa, and South and Central America are turning to photovoltaics in order to provide their citizens with cheap and uniformly available electricity. Automotive companies are also making key investments in the global photovoltaics sector, as electric cars are steadily becoming popular across the world and even conventional cars are increasingly being fitted with solar panels to reduce the load on the battery and subsequently on the engine. 

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