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PharmSource - Cell Therapy Market Opportunity for CMOs - 2018 Edition

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Published Date : Jun 2018

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No. of Pages : 70 Pages

PharmSource - Cell Therapy Market Opportunity for CMOs - 2018 Edition


This PharmSource Trend Report will explore whether the bio/pharma industry is adequately prepared for future cell therapy developments and whether pharma companies and contract manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) are making appropriate investments in the capacity and technology to support the coming opportunity.

This 35-page report gives important, expert insight you wont find in any other source. 16 tables and figures throughout the report illustrate major points and trends.


This report seeks to achieve the following objectives -
- To describe and evaluate the cell therapy market opportunity;
- To describe and address the adequacy of the network of CDMOs that manufacture for the cell therapy market, both clinical and commercial;
- To assess the outlook for buyers and sellers of contract manufacturing services for cell therapies, including the supply/demand balance.

Reasons to buy

This report is required reading for -
- CMO executives who must have deep understanding of the Cell Therapy marketplace to make strategic planning and investment decisions.
- Sourcing and procurement executives who must understand crucial components of the supply base in order to make decisions about supplier selection and management.
- Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies involved in the development of Cell Therapies or Cell Therapy technologies.
- Private equity investors that need a deeper understanding of the market to identify and value potential investment targets.
Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary 4
2. Introduction 5
3. Commercial Cell Therapy Experience 7
4. Cell Therapy Pipeline 10
5. Next-Generation Technologies 13
6. Approvals Outlook 15
7. Cell Therapy Supply Chain 16
8. Demand Models 23
9. What It Means 25
10. Notes on Methodology 28
11. Appendix 32

List of Tables
Table 1 : FDA-Approved, Marketed Cell Therapies 7
Table 2: Cell Therapy Approvals 15
Table 3: Cell Therapy CDMOs Biological Services 17
Table 5: Cell Therapy CDMOs Packaging Capabilities 19
Table 6: Cell Therapy CDMO Sites and Associated Cell Source and Types 21
Table 7: Method of Transfection Used at Cell Therapy CDMO Sites 23
Table 8: Model for Cell Therapy Clinical Requirements 24
Table 9: Model for Cell Therapy Commercial Requirements 25
Table 10: Model for Yearly Cell Therapy Commercial Requirements 31

List of Figures
Figure 1: Kymriah Global Sales Forecast 2018-2024 ($B) 8
Figure 2: Yescarta Global Sales Forecast 2018-2024 ($B) 9
Figure 3: Pipeline Cell Therapy Candidates 10
Figure 4: Phase I Trial Starts by Sponsor Type 11
Figure 5: Phase II Planned Trial Starts by Sponsor Type 12
Figure 6: Phase III Planned Trial Starts by Sponsor Type 12

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