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Pets are our extended family, and their care and concern is in the hands of humans. The pet care industry is highly dependent on a number of pets owned and affected by personal factors. This industry is solid and growing on a large scale. The market already has small time retailers offering personal pet care services and specific products to instill the relationship well in the pet industry. The growth of this industry simply demonstrates how important the role of pets is in our daily lives. 


In the past ten years, the pet care services sector has experienced an unprecedented growth reaching a value of $23 billion to over $50 billion, exceeding all the major markets in the world. This industry is the seventh largest retail sector in the U.S., and is clearly rising an all-time high bumping from 8% to 12%.


Pet care services refers to a wide range of pet services that encompasses aspects such as boarding, veterinary, daycare, training, grooming, and pet walking/sitting. There are some other service areas that also include pet waste management, pet funerary/bereavement, and pet travel. 


Domestic pets are making an important place in the households worldwide, and based on this, considering the increasing upward trend in pet care services; this market is exceedingly spending more on pet care processes across a wide array of sectors, including pet health, food and toys.


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