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Pesticides have come a long way from being a supplementary concept in agriculture, to playing a more mandatory role in modern farming. Several reasons have created a high pressure scenario in the global agriculture industry, where the demand for high yield crops has fueled greater levels of investment in research and development for the various industrial components. In general, pesticides is an umbrella term that can include the various types of chemicals that are meant to control weeds and/or pests. The more common types of pesticides include herbicides, insecticides, nematicide, fungicide, antimicrobial, and growth regulators.

The agriculture industry currently looks to pesticides as a high level solution for the growing problem of plant diseases, and germ and pest attacks. The overall pressure on the markets related to pesticides increases further due to the fact that the global population is increasing, the total arable land available is decreasing, and the demand for high yield crops is rising consequently.