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Globally, pasta, bread and rice are dietary staples and hence there demand tends to be consistent, if not increasing. These products can be placed under the cereals and pulses market as they are made using rice, wheat or other cereals such as barley and oats.  


The production of rice, pasta and bread has been rising in the past few years but the prices face pressure with the recovering economic scenario. Factors such as unemployment and lower incomes directly affect the pasta, bread and rice market. In addition, other factors that could potentially restrain the growth of this market are natural disasters and crop failure. 


According to industry analysts, the global market for pasta will likely notch 18 million tons by the end of 2015. The highest amount of pasta is consumed in the EU and the U.S. as they together account for 60% of consumption. At the same time, there is a growing demand for pasta in other regions such as Asia-Pacific and Africa and Middle East thanks in part to the growing awareness about global cuisine, and an inclination towards convenient cooking styles. Higher disposable incomes have also translated into a higher demand for premium pasta products. However, global consumption patterns of pasta largely differ between regions worldwide.


On the other hand, the global market for bread and bread rolls is likely to touch the USD 174 billion mark by 2014, according to market analysts. This would represent a 12% expansion over a period of five years up to 2014. Within the bread segment, other products such as artisanal rolls and bread constitute nearly 50% of the market.


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