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Outlook on Chinese and Global Aluminum Alloy Cable Market 2015-2020 Proposal

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Published Date : Jun 2015

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Chinese aluminum-replace-copper rate stays in a low level currently. In United States, the ratio that replaces copper with aluminum alloy or with almasilium is 70%-75%; this replacement the ratio is 55% in Japan and 3%-5% in Chinese barely. Since new energy market is fast developing in China, aluminum alloy cable will widely adopt by the following years.

Aluminum alloy cable has been the general product which used in power transmission lines in many foreign countries. According the experience from the countries widely used aluminum alloy cable, it is market promoting phase in the earlier 15-20 years for the product. In future 5-10 years, once Chinese aluminum alloy cable implement rate achieves the international average level, that will be an annual RMB 300 billion market. A large amount of Chinese businesses has aimed this emerge market and highly invested.

I Global Aluminum Alloy Cable Industry Overview
I-1 Aluminum alloy cable industry development
I-1.1 Market size
I-1.2 Global voltage cable
I-1.3 Market prospective
I-2 Global aluminum alloy cable industrial technologies
I-2.1 Products and technology
I-2.2 Certification and testing
I-2.3 Global major manufacturer
I-2.3.1 Southwire company, LLC
I-2.3.2 U.S.A UMI alloy cable
I-2.3.3 G.E Stabiloy alloy cable

II Aluminum Alloy Cable Industry Developmental Environment
II-1 Macroeconomic environment in China
II-1.1 Regulation and policy
II-1.2 Technology and standard

III Chinese Aluminum Alloy Cable Industry Chain
III-1 Industry chain overview
III-1.1 Chinese market characteristic
III-1.2 Market demand
III-2 Upstream of industry chain
III-2.1 Aluminum alloy market
III-2.2 Electrolytic aluminum market
III-2.3 PVC market
III-3 Downstream of industry chain
III-3.1 Utility industry
III-3.2 Urban railway system
III-3.3 Power grid construction
III-3.4 New energy market

IV Chinese Aluminum Alloy Cable Production
IV-1 Introduction
IV-2 Competition
IV-3 Life cycle
IV-4 Industrial regional development
IV-4.1 Northern China
IV-4.2 Northeastern China
IV-4.3 Eastern China
IV-4.4 Central China
IV-4.5 Southern China
IV-4.6 Western China

V Aluminum Alloy Cable Industry Competition
V-1 Competitive structure
V-2 Competitive forces
V-2.1 Tier-1 brands - U.S.A brands
V-2.2 Tier-2 brands - Earlier entrants
V-2.3 Tier-3 brands - Took shape firms
V-2.4 Copper cable online sellers
V-3 S.W.O.T Analysis

VI Chinese Aluminum Alloy Cable Import/Export Statistics, 2009-2014
VI-1 Import
VI-1.1 Quantity
VI-1.2 Amount
VI-1.3 Source
VI-1.4 Average price
VI-2 Export
VI-2.1 Quantity
VI-2.2 Amount
VI-2.3 Source
VI-2.4 Average price

VII Chinese Aluminum Alloy Cable Industry Statistics, 2011-2015
VII-1 Industry development, 2013-2015
VII-2 Industry size, 2011-2015
VII-3 Cost and expense
VII-4 Operation and performance

VIII Chinese Bellwether Company
VIII-1 Henan Tong-Da Cable Co., Ltd.
VIII-1.1 Introduction
VIII-1.2 Product
VIII-1.3 Operation
VIII-1.4 Sales
VIII-1.5 Competitive advantage
VIII-1.6 Strategy
VIII-2 Tongguang Electronic wire and cable Co.,Ltd.
VIII-3 Cold Cup Electric Apparatus Co., Ltd.
VIII-4 Guangdong Xinyi Aluminum Alloy Cable Co.,Ltd.
VII-5 Anhui Anwit Electronic Co., Ltd.
VII-6 Anhui joy Sense Cable Co., Ltd.
VII-7 Far East Cable Co., Ltd.,
VII-8 General Cable’s Zero and Beyond Co., Ltd.

VIII Aluminum Alloy Cable Marketing Strategy
VIII-1 Aluminum industry characteristics
VIII-2 Investment environment
VIII-3 4P analysis

IX Investment Opportunity and Risks
IX-1 Investment opportunity
IX-2 Investment risks

X Aluminum Alloy Cable Industry Prospective, 2015-2020
X-1 Investment prospective
X-2 Trends of product development
X-3 Market forecast
X-4 Investment strategy and recommendation

XI Aluminum Alloy Cable Business Strategy and Tactics
XI-1 Aluminum alloy cable strategic development planning
XI-1.1 Business upgrades
XI-1.2 Business expands
XI-1.3 Business sustainable develops
XI-2 Aluminum alloy cable business strategic planning gist
XI-2.1 Government policy
XI-2.2 Industry law of development
XI-2.3 Resource and capability
XI-2.4 Foreseeable strategic positioning
XI-3 Aluminum alloy cable business tactics
XI-3.1 Integrated tactical planning
XI-3.2 Technology develop tactic
XI-3.3 Regional tactical planning
XI-3.4 Industry tactical planning
XI-3.5 Brand marketing tactic
XI-3.6 Competition tactical planning
XI-4 Key customer strategy
XI-4.1 Necessary of key customer strategy
XI-4.2 Key customer definition
XI-4.3 Key customer development
XI-4.4 Key customer marketing
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Table 1 Production situation of major ultrafiltration membrane companies
Table 2 Market price of major ultrafiltration membrane companies
Table 3 Output of PP in China, 2009-2014

List of Chart

Figure 1 Output of ultrafiltration membrane, 2009-2014
Figure 2 Market scale of ultrafiltration membrane, 2009-2014
Figure 5 Industrial chain structure of ultrafiltration membrane industry

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