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OTC Market in Central Europe 2014 Comparative analysis and development forecasts for 2014-2019

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Published Date : Nov 2014

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No. of Pages : 264 Pages

Explore development in Central Europe’s market for OTC drugs. 

Report provides comparative analysis for six countries, forecasts development for 2014-2019.
Businesses that hold a stake in the market for over the counter drugs and dietary supplements in the Central European region will benefit from a new document prepared by the experienced professionals at PMR. 

This single, comprehensive publication contains all relevant information about growth, value, manufacturing, investment, regulations regarding manufacture, labelling and advertising, and many more aspects of the OTC market in the Central European countries of Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

OTC market in Central Europe 2014, Comparative analysis and development forecasts for 2014-2019, provides historical data, analysis of trends and other market conditions and prescient forecasts that detail expected development in each of the six Central European countries included in the report. 
The report describes the current value and structure of markets for OTC drugs and dietary supplements in each country. It explores the manufacture and sales data of products distributed through pharmacy, non-pharmacy and online retail channels and examines the status and strategies of the top manufacturers and distributors in CE countries. Also provided: lists of best-selling over the counter products in each of the included countries. 

In addition to analysis of influential trends prepared by market experts with plenty of experience in the Central European pharmaceutical industries, the report gives readers quick and easy access to comparative analysis between OTC markets in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
It presents informative profiles of market leading local companies and offers detailed development forecasts for the overall market, those in each of the covered countries and for various categories of OTC drugs and dietary supplements during the period from 2014-2019. 

OTC market in Central Europe, Comparative analysis and development forecasts for 2014-2019 is targeted to satisfy the requirements of professionals engaged in the manufacture, distribution or sale of this popular and ever-expanding range of medicines and dietary aids available in Central Europe without physician approval. It also meets the business intelligence requirements of management and executive level personnel, analysts and business consultants and educational and research specialists. 

Whether you use the information provided by this publication to compare and analyse the value and prospects for OTC markets in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, to devise a sales-boosting strategy or to enter this market by launching a new business, you’ll be amazed at the time saved and the improved efficiency and accuracy of your work product.
Table of Content

Methodology 10
Executive summary  15
OTC market in the CE region  21
Poland  25
Hungary  89
Romania  116
Czech Republic  143
Slovakia 177
Bulgaria  203
Profiles of selected local manufacturers on the OTC market in CE 225
List of graphs 250
List of tables  257

About PMR  263

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