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Oilfield chemicals hold special significance in the recovery of oil and gas reserves. These chemicals impart unique capabilities for well drilling, intervention, and completion services. Over the last decade, upgradation in the quality of specialty chemicals has translated into payoffs for operators in the form of field performance and longevity.

Specialty oilfield chemicals include a broad spectrum of chemicals composed of a staggering number of compounds and blends. These chemicals if designed and manufactured to display proper performance and physical standards can become invaluable solutions to overcome problems that afflict oil and gas wells throughout their lifetimes. On the other hand, if these chemicals are prepared, stored, or pumped incorrectly, they can become the worst nightmare for a well leading to significant problems.

North America has been one of the leading consumers of specialty oilfield chemicals over the past couple of years. The shale gas boom and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects in the region are reasons for the high demand for oilfield chemicals.