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The energy needs of the world keep changing, and hence, the need for more innovative solutions becomes extremely important. Energy, as a field – is quite an intricate business sector. The technique of discovering reserves beneath the ground level in a particular location, to the point of actually being in the position to provide the consumers and energy businesses with the right energy resources is an extremely long, challenging, and a risk-laden process to consider.


Natural gas and crude oil are naturally occurring substances found in the earth’s crust, whereas, oil and gas are organic substances found in the remains of animals and plants – compressed in limestone, shale and sandstone - (the different forms of sedimentary rocks). 


Oil and gas is a global and the most important source of energy in this economic world. It is extremely critical to the economic growth is driven by various demanding factors for petroleum products, particularly in the transportation sector. 


Traditionally, petroleum products derived from oil such as jet fuel, motor gasoline, heating oil, and diesel fuel, are responsible for supplying nearly 40 percent of the total energy consumed by businesses, households, and manufacturers across the globe. The natural gas and coal compared to the oil and gas industry supplies less than 25 percent of the world’s energy needs.  


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