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With better safety standards and growing global acceptance, nuclear power is gradually becoming a preferred alternative energy source in the defense industry. Nuclear power has gained popularity in the civil sector, especially in the U.S., France, and UK. 


No country can afford to overlook the role of nuclear power in making strategic defense and combat operations more efficient. For instance, naval forces the world over are making efforts to deploy nuclear-powered submarines that can stay underwater for extended periods of time. Conventional energy sources did not allow this. Developments such as these ultimately contribute towards maintaining political stability and improving the defense capabilities of nations.


Though government-owned enterprises traditionally had a stronghold over the defense nuclear power industry, this market is now witnessing a large number of public-private partnerships. Employing nuclear power in the defense sector has several advantages such as: lower emissions, less waste, as well as cost and operational efficiency. As this power source penetrates developing markets, the demand for enterprises and personnel operating in the Nuclear Power industry is bound to grow.


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