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Non-public Hospitals Market in Poland 2014 Comparative Analysis by Voivodship and Development Prospects

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Published Date : Mar 2014

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No. of Pages : 194 Pages

Examine the structure of Poland’s non-public hospital market in 2014

Report offers break down by voivodship, comparative analysis and prospects for development.

Openings of new non-public hospitals and recently transformed facilities have been on the rise in Poland. As a result, businesses with interests in the market are asking a lot of questions, such as: What is the total number of beds available in non-public hospitals in Poland and in individual wards? What recent public to private transformations have been completed? How many non-public hospitals exist in Poland, and where are they located? What specialty services do they offer? What are their financial situations? What new investments are planned for the period 2014-2016?

Non-public hospitals market in Poland 2014, Comparative analysis by voivodship and development prospects supplies the answers to these and many more questions about this section of the rapidly changing healthcare market. This publication lists and describes Poland’s private hospitals in detail, ranks them in terms of total beds, and covers planned and in-progress investments. 

The report offers valuable comparative analysis, enabling professionals to determine specific levels of market saturation in various locations, such as large cities, making this report an especially useful tool in choosing locations for the opening of new facilities. In addition, this publication analyses the responses of a recent survey of non-public hospitals in Poland and includes corporate profiles of market leading hospital groups and their operations.

Development prospects for this market are thoroughly explored, including the portion of specialised healthcare services that have recently fuelled market expansion. The report examines additional factors credited with substantial growth as well as potential obstacles to success for new and upcoming ventures in Poland’s non-public hospitals sector. It also offers analysis of National Health Fund contracts with private hospitals as well as recent and upcoming regulatory changes and their consequences as viewed by Polish healthcare providers and investors.

Users of this document also receive PMR’s Database of non-public hospitals in Poland, an Excel file compiled to meet the business reference needs of professionals operating in this market or considering entry. It includes the hospital name and commonly referenced abbreviations, physical and mailing addresses, telephone, fax and email contact information and specific data on each hospital such as the total number of beds as well as the number of beds on all the wards, value of the contract with the NFZ, additional units and the range of specialised medical services offered by each facility.

Purchase Non-public hospitals market in Poland 2014, Comparative analysis by voivodship and development prospects today and discover the benefits of having specific and reliable data and expert analysis at your fingertips. This single multipurpose document is especially appreciated by hospital operators, businesses participating in the hospital transformation process and investment and private equity fund managers. It is also essential to the work of researchers, analysts and consultants whose professional activities require extensive knowledge of this market, its assets and prospects for the future. 
Table of Content

1. Methodology 11

2. Executive summary 17

3. Overview of the non-public hospitals market in Poland 21

4. Growth prospects for the non-public hospitals sector in Poland 35

5. Results of the survey conducted among non-public hospitals in Poland 53

6. Overview and assessment of the growth potential for the most attractive specialisations in non-public hospitals 71

7. Overview of non-public hospitals in individual voivodships – analysis of saturation with services 103

8. Analysis of saturation with inpatient services in private hospitals in the major cities in Poland 135

9. Profiles of selected non-public hospital groups operating in Poland 141

10. List of graphs 183

11. List of tables 187

12. About PMR 193

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