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New Consumer Drones: Development Trends, Product Features, and Market Potential

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Sep 2018

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No. of Pages : 20 Pages

In recent years, drones have caught a lot of market attention, especially consumer drones. Consumer drones have been developed towards budget-friendly, lightweight, selfie and smartphone-controllable features. In addition, the market demand for selfie drones is also clearly defined. The application of consumer drones therefore has been expanded from air to water arena and their development in some niche markets merits further observation. This report provides an overview of the latest development of consumer drones, including Moment Drone, SELFlY Camera, PITTA, FIFISH P3, and Splash Drone 3 Auto, and examines their major features and market potential.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 

2. Moment Drone: Free Your Hands, Automatic Shooting 

2.1 Product Background 
2.2 Product Features 
2.2.1 Continuous Automatic Shooting 
2.2.2 Free to Take Off and Landing Anytime Anywhere 
2.3 Market Reaction 

3. SELFLY Camera: Looks like Phone Case, But Can Fly 
3.1 Product Background 
3.2 Product Features 
3.2.1 Phone Case as Camouflage 
3.2.2 Designed for Selfie Needs 
3.3 Market Reaction 

4. PITTA: Ball-type body, Three-in-one Machine 
4.1 Product Background 
4.2 Product Features 
4.2.1 Detachable Module Meets Versatile Needs 
4.2.2 Image Recognition Makes It Easy to Get Started 
4.3 Market Reaction 

5. FIFISH P3: Underwater Scenery, HD Live Streaming Service 
5.1 Product Background 
5.2 Product Features 
5.2.1 HD Oceanic Photography/Live Streaming 
5.2.2 Automatic Cruise Function 
5.3 Market Reaction 

6. Splash Drone 3 Auto: All Weather Waterproof, Instant Rescue 
6.1 Product Background 
6.2 Product Features 
6.2.1 Underwater HD Photographing Function 
6.2.2 Air Delivery Capability 
6.3 Market Reaction 

7. Conclusion 


List of Table

Table 1: Consumer Drone Developers and Their Innovative Products 
Table 2: Comparison of Major Brands' Consumer Drone Products 

List of Chart

Figure 1: Illustration of Moment Drone Products 
Figure 2: SELFLY Camera Case and Shooting Mode 
Figure 3: Illustration of PITTA Module 
Figure 4: Illustration of FIFISH P3 
Figure 5: Illustration of Splash Drone 3 Auto 
Figure 6: Illustration of Splash Drone 3 Fisherman 

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