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Neurological disorders have emerged as a major cause of death among people worldwide, and constitute nearly 12% of the total deaths that occur globally. Cerebrovascular diseases are the most significant cause of death within the neurological diseases segment, as they cause nearly 85% of deaths reported within the neurological disorders segment.


This sector can be broadly divided on the basis of products into neurosurgery, neurostimulation, CSF management, and interventional neurology devices markets.


As the global population of the elderly continues to rise, there has been a parallel rise in the awareness levels pertaining to neurological diseases. As a result, the demand for neurological devices that are used in treating such disorders has seen an upward growth trend. While the aging population has proven to be a trigger for neurological devices, it has also put a burden on the fragile economic conditions that prevail in the Euro zone and the U.S. Keeping this in view, a number of OEMs have been compelled to innovate and launch neurological devices that are cost effective without compromising on the quality of treatment.


On the other hand, this industry has to find ways to deal with constraints such as tax reforms and a changing regulatory environment. These factors have adversely impacted the profit making capacity, growth and expansion of companies that operate within the neurological devices sector.


An important point that needs to be considered at this point is that though OEMs have been faced with restraints in the mature markets of Europe and the U.S., markets such as China, India, Brazil, and Russia have opened up new avenues for growth and profitability for these companies. Most OEMs have been quick in realizing that venturing into emerging markets is the way ahead given the rising disposable income, healthcare awareness and insurance policies that are favorable to growth here.


In the backdrop of these factors, the market for neurological devices is anticipated to report healthy growth over the coming years. 


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