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Nephrology devices are used for the treatment of diseases related to the kidney such as renal or kidney failure. A number of health problems such as end stage renal disease, kidney stone, and chronic kidney disease are treated by nephrologists using a variety of nephrology devices. 


People the world over are afflicted with conditions such as diabetes and renal diseases. Given that the number of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease is rising, there has been a higher demand for dialysis. There is a growing inclination of patients towards technologies that make treatments less painful and improve convalescence time.


Other market drivers in the nephrology devices market include higher investments in research and development, increasing healthcare budgets, and a growing market for refurbished devices especially in Asia Pacific. Medical centers and practitioners across Europe and North America are also feeling the need to revamp their nephrology departments to keep pace with the changing nature of the nephrology devices market.


This market comprises a wide variety of urology and nephrology devices such as dialysis equipment, urinary stone treatment devices, peritoneal dialysis, lithotripsy, and endoscopy devices, among others. 


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