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National Broadband Plans

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Published Date : Aug 2014

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No. of Pages : 29 Pages

Announcements and realities for fixed ultra-fast broadband

This report focuses on the services offered by telecommunications and cable operators through their FTTx infrastructures.

It reviews the levels of speeds offered, the content of offers and price ranges, and highlights the differences between major world regions.

15 ultra-fast broadband players, representing all regions were considered in order to carry out this analysis.
Table of Content

1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology

3. Ultra-fast broadband ambitions across specific national plans
3.1. Singapore: optimal coverage in record time
3.2. New Zealand: significant advances for a successful plan
3.3. Australia: an ultra-fast broadband plan... loosing speed
3.4. France: one of the rare plans geared specifically towards ultra-fast broadband in Europe

4. Broadband plans with a more or less marked ultra-fast component
4.1. In Europe: what impact has DAE on ultra-fast broadband deployments?
4.2. United States: is the "Broadband Stimulus" plan out of steam?
4.3. Other regions

5. Characteristics of national broadband/ultra-fast broadband plans
5.1. Means of implementation
5.2. Balance sheet

List of Table

Table 1 : Significant broadband/ultra-fast broadband plans: launch date and objectives
Table 2 : Level of broadband and ultra-fast broadband coverage of households in Europe in January 2014
Table 3 : Implementation of national broadband plans by European Union countries
Table 4 : Key measures of different governments for their national broadband/ultra-fast broadband plans

List of Chart

Figure 1: Industrial structure for the implementation of Singapore's Next Gen NBN
Figure 2: Change in the number of FTTH subscribers in Singapore and quarterly growth rate for 2011-2014
Figure 3: Geographical distribution of ultra-fast broadband deployments between the four partners of CFH, New Zealand
Figure 4: Relations between the government, CFH and the technical partners in the New Zealand ultra-fast broadband project
Figure 5: Pace of deployment of ultra-fast broadband in New Zealand
Figure 6: Changes in the number of fixed Australian NBN connectable households
Figure 7: Financing the ultra-fast broadband plan in France
Figure 8: Changes in the number of households connectable by public initiative vs private initiative, in France, June 2012 - March 2014
Figure 9: Distribution of NTIA grants under the Broadband Stimulus, in the United States
Figure 10: Change in the levels of FTTH/B coverage between late 2011 and the end of 2013

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