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MVNOs in Emerging Asia: Choosing the Right Business Model and Partners are Key to Success

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Pyramid Research

Published Date : Feb 2016

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The MVNO market in the Emerging Asia has been showing strong momentum as regulators are liberalizing the mobile markets in order to stimulate competition and reduce tariffs along with boosting introduction of innovative products. China is the leading regional player witnessing strong growth in terms of number of subscriptions; however countries such as Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand are also evolving in terms of virtual operators. Increasing usage of mobile data mainly driven by the burgeoning smartphone penetration, deployment of 3G/4G spectrum, favorable economic environment and increasing efforts by regulators to establish MVNOs specific framework are key factors which will boost the MVNO market in Emerging Asian countries. Regulators are supporting MVNOs by introducing MVNO legislations as well as the regulations that indirectly support the growth of MVNOs such as introduction of MNP and reduction in MTRs etc. Countries like China and Malaysia have already passed specific MVNO laws, while Thailand, Philippines and Myanmar are in the process of doing so.

Key Findings

  • The most preferred business model in the Emerging Asia is Niche which is being adopted by 29% of the total MVNOs present in the region, catering segments including youth, immigrants, students and health enthusiasts. This is followed by the Business and Retail MVNO models which are adopted by 18% and 16% of the MVNOs respectively. M2M and Roaming Business models are least popular in the region.
  • Pyramid Research projects growth of MVNOs will be robust in the region due to liberalizing of Chinese telecom market in January 2014. China will remain as the largest
  • MVNO market in terms of subscribers followed by Malaysia at the end of 2020. Other markets such as Philippines and India are also showing significant growth potential.
  • Regulators are formulating MVNO specific framework to boost competition and reduce tariffs along with setting up laws relating to rolling MNPs, reducing MTRs, harmonizing the tariff differentials between off-net and on-net voice traffic, etc. in order to ease up the entry barriers for MVNOs.


MVNOs in Emerging Asia: Choosing the Right Business Model and Partners are Key to Success report by Pyramid Research provides overview of the MVNO market in Emerging Asia. It examines the various MVNO business models adopted in Emerging Asia based on their marketing approach, and provides an in-depth look at the changing landscape of trends in MVNO adoption and investment. The report analyzes the MVNO market and the role of other market participants such as MNOs and regulators in this expanding opportunity.

The Insider provides in-depth analysis of the following:

  • Introduction: This section presents taxonomy of MVNOs to provide a conceptual structure for the analysis, taking the perspective of mobile operators.
  • Market context: This section examines the global MVNO market analysis, MVNO trends in the Emerging Asia region and most prevalent MVNO business models operating in Emerging Asia.
  • Case studies: The report examines four leading MVNOs in the region in more detail: Snail Mobile, Tune Talk, and Tron .These studies focus on the MVNO offerings, their sales and promotional strategies and recent moves by the telcos in the MVNO space.
  • Key findings and recommendations: The Insider concludes with a number of key findings and a set of recommendations for MNVOs, MNOs and regulators.


  • Provides an overview of the product and service portfolio being offered by MNVOs in Emerging Asia to enable new entrants telcos to align their product offerings.
  • Gain in-depth understanding about the different MVNO business model adopted in various countries in Emerging Asia and identify the opportunities offered by each of them.
  • Helps executives build proactive, profitable growth strategies by offering comprehensive, relevant analysis of the Emerging Asia regions MVNO opportunity, competitive environment and best practices of the existing virtual operators.
  • Contains case studies highlighting the MVNO offerings of three leading MVNOs in the region, including the strategies being pursued by them to drive their MVNO business.
  • By understanding the interests and positions of the main stakeholders in the MVNO market MNOs, end users, regulators, content providers and ISPs telecom professionals/operators can develop strategies and increase their participation in the growing MVNO market.

Table of Contents

Introduction: MVNO definition and main business models
MVNO definition
MVNO business models
Global and regional MVNO market context
MVNO market worldwide
MVNO market in emerging Asia
Most prevalent MVNO business models in emerging Asia
MVNO market evolution in emerging Asia
Regulatory context
Regional market outlook
Market details: Case studies
Snail Mobile: China
Tune Talk: Malaysia
Tron: Malaysia
Conclusions: Key findings and recommendations

Appendix: Acronyms and Definitions

List of Table


List of Chart

Exhibit 1: MVNO market structure
Exhibit 2: MVNO main operational business models
Exhibit 3: Most prevalent MVNO business models in emerging Asia based on their marketing approach
Exhibit 4: MVNO business models based on their marketing approach
Exhibit 5: MVNO subscriptions market share by region, 2015
Exhibit 6: MVNO subscriptions as a percentage of total mobile subscriptions by region, 2015
Exhibit 7: MVNO subscriptions as a percentage of total mobile subscriptions by country, 2015
Exhibit 8: MVNO subscription market share by country, emerging Asia, 2015
Exhibit 9: Number of active MVNOs and market share per business model, emerging Asia, October 2015*
Exhibit 10: Most prevalent MVNO business models in emerging Asia based on their marketing approach, 2015
Exhibit 11: Active niche MVNOs, emerging Asia ,2015
Exhibit 12: Entertainment/media MVNOs, emerging Asia, 2015
Exhibit 13: Retailers that have launched MVNOs or announced future launch plans in emerging Asia
Exhibit 14: Examples of business based MVNOs operating in emerging Asia
Exhibit 15: MVNO my evolutions business model
Exhibit 16: Chinas MVNO subscription evolution for and CAGR 2015-2020
Exhibit 17: MVNO subscription evolution for selected countries and CAGR 2015-2020
Exhibit 18: Regulation drivers impacting the MVNO market, 2015
Exhibit 19: Most recent cases of MVNO regulation, emerging Asia
Exhibit 20: Most recent cases of regulations affecting MVNOs in emerging Asia
Exhibit 21: Indirect regulatory measures favoring MVNOs, 2015
Exhibit 22: MVNO activity ranking based on forecasted penetration levels 2015-2020
Exhibit 23: MVNO activity ranking based on forecasted penetration levels 2015-2020
Exhibit 24: Snail mobiles offers, December 2015
Exhibit 25: Mobile market share of All MVNOs (in terms of total mobile subscriptions) 2014-2020
Exhibit 26: Special offers for tune talk subscribers
Exhibit 27: Tune Talk subscriptions 2011-2014
Exhibit 28: 365 days validity offered by Tron on any top up ,December 2015
Exhibit 29: Data plans offered by Tron, December 2015

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