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Multimedia platforms such as images, text, audio, animations, interactive content, and video have gained significant traction from the growing ubiquity of smartphones and popularity of social media in the past decade. Multimedia connects with various industries including automotive, gaming, entertainment, education, medicine and healthcare, and research. Advancements in the multimedia sector has been revolutionary for the creative industry.

ResearchMoz's repository contains a vast number of dedicated reports on specific fields pertaining to multimedia, aiming to serve as a credible business document for the targeted audiences. The reports study all the factors that may influence the market, positively or negatively, and estimates their eventual impact in the years to come. Each of the report tactically divides its market into various segments in order to explore their individual opportunities and existing valuations. The reports also contain dedicated chapters on profiles of prominent companies operating in those markets, evaluating their share of the pie and recent strategic developments they've undertaken to gain ground over their competitors.