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Monetization of Customer Data: Perspectives and Beyond

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BCC Research

Published Date : Oct 2019

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No. of Pages : 19 Pages


With the modernization of and advances in technology, an entirely new kind of currency has emerged: data. Just like any other high-value commodity, data has gained popularity in leaps and bounds in the last decade. Huge amounts of data are being generated in households, companies, hospitals, schools and almost everywhere technology is used. This data, once organized, offers an immense potential for communities and industries. Advances in data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are further propelling the applications of data usage in novel areas. For instance, an innovative marketing and social engagement platform company, Sideqik, is actively developing AI-based solutions to allow marketers to better understand the trends driving their brands, influencers and marketplaces."

"Report Includes:

- An overview of customer data monetization
- Information on biological and healthcare data
- Explanation of why there is a need to establish balance between customer independence and business advantages
- Coverage of government regulation and guidelines that impact data protection and privacy for all individual citizens
- Review of recent developments and case studies related to data security"

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Scope and Summary
Data in Todays World?
Value of Data
Types of Customer Data and Their Potential
Concerns About Data Privacy
Data Privacy Regulations
Data Ownership Dilemma
Data Monetization: A New Market
New Line of Businesses: Consumer Compensation Model
Personal Data Marketplaces and Blockchain Technology
How are Consumers Paid for Data?
Monetization of Customer Data: What is the Market Worth?
Information Sources
Analyst Credentials
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List of Table

List of Tables
Table 1 : Laws Applied to Data Ownership
Table 2 : Facebook Facts as of October 2018
Table 3 : Personal Data Marketplaces and Compensation Methods

List of Chart

List of Figures
Figure 1 : Types of Data and Primary Data Collectors
Figure 2 : A Typical Data Marketplace
Figure 3 : Typical Customer-Buyer Data Transaction

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