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Medical devices market in Poland 2012

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Published Date : Jan 2012

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Surgical Equipment

No. of Pages : 229 Pages

Medical devices market in Poland 2012, Development forecast for 2012-2014 presents an all-inclusive study of the industry, including analysis according to major products, top companies and their revenues from domestic and international commerce, and factors that will continue to influence market expansion in the years ahead. It also explores the origins of funds and investment being used by institutions for new equipment purchases.

This new report from PMR contains analysis and opinion gleaned from a recent assessment of professionals at the executive level who are currently operating in this marketplace. Readers will benefit from their input on crucial medical equipment market issues covering the major categories, which include devices and equipment used in x-ray, computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), instruments used in dentistry, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and general medical devices such as glass and lenses and syringes.

The document highlights factors that stimulate market growth and describes the obstacles that companies in each category must negotiate in order to achieve success. It covers import legal and regulatory developments with regard to lease and service agreements and Polish adaptation to EU regulations and the changes set to occur over the coming years. Plenty of fresh data is provided on market size, value, and projected growth during the forecast period to 2014.

The report also includes a current Excel database filled with the vital statistics of the top companies providing medical equipment in all of the main categories of the Polish medical devices market. Complete contact information is enhanced by a detailed description of the devices marketed by each company.

Medical devices market in Poland 2012, Development forecast for 2012-2014 is offers expanded analysis of expected and possible funding sources for companies and organizations planning to acquire devices for use in Polands main medical fields over the next two years.
Table Of Content

I. Report methodology p. 15

II. Executive summary p. 21

III. Overview of the Polish medical devices market p. 27

IV. Analysis of key market segments p. 47

  • X-ray devices p. 47 
  • Electrodiagnostic apparatus p. 61 
  • Blood pressure measuring instruments and devices p. 90 
  • Instrumentation used in ophthalmology, lenses and eyeglasses p. 92 
  • Endoscopes p. 100 
  • Dialysis equipment p. 102 
  • Medical devices used in dentistry p. 104 
  • Dentures and prosthetic devices p. 109 
  • Transfusion apparatus p. 113 
  • Anaestesia apparatus p. 115 
  • Therapy equipment p. 118 
  • Orthopaedic equipment p. 124 
  • Pacemakers p. 131 
  • Hearing aids p. 133 
  • Medical furniture p. 138 
  • Sterilisers p. 143 
  • Diathermy apparatus p. 147 
  • Nerve stimulating apparatus p. 149 
  • Development prospects for selected categories of medical devices p. 150
V. Findings of the survey conducted among firms present on Polish market of medical devices p. 151

VI. Sources of financing for purchases of medical equipment p. 179

VII. Legal environment p. 201

VIII. List of graphs p. 217

IX. List of tables p. 221

X. About PMR p. 227

XI. Contact PMR p. 228

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