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Industry analysts estimate that the market for fish, meat and poultry is likely to expand at a rate of 4% yearly. At this growth rate, it is anticipated that the meat and poultry market would be worth USD 640 billion by the end of 2015, according to estimates by research firms. The leading products in this category are chilled/frozen seafood and meat products. These two product categories alone constitute for nearly 45% of the worldwide market, with a value of over USD 236 billion.


The global fresh meat industry will likely touch a value of USD 300 million by the end of 2015, as per the estimates of leading industry analysts. This can in part be attributed to factors such as the growing population, greater disposable incomes, and higher rate of urbanization in several emerging economies. However, this market is also subject to its share of setbacks such as various diseases such as the avian flu and shrinking land for livestock farming.


The highest amount of meat is consumed in the Asia-Pacific region given that this region is currently witnessing an economic surge and incomes are increasing. 


Given that the meat and poultry industry is witnessing so much change, it is imperative that these changes bring along with them a bevy of risks and opportunities alike. How do enterprises make the most of these opportunities? How can you mitigate risks? Is diversification a recommended option in these times? Answers to pressing questions such as these can be found in the expansive repository of market research reports for the meat and poultry industry featured on ResearchMoz.us. 

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This industry is vast and varied as it comprises several meat varieties such as fish, poultry, beef, veal, pork and others. Industry analysts estimate that the demand for veal and beef will continue to remain high over the immediate future. Countries such as India, Brazil and Argentina will compensate for the falling meat production in countries such as the U.S. The production of pork will continue to remain high in countries such as South Korea and China.


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