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Marketing to Hispanic Moms - US - September 2015

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Published Date : Sep 2015

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Advertising and Marketing

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Hispanic moms are devoted to their families and their homes. Their children are at the center of their worlds and they want to please them, having their preferences in mind when deciding what to buy. They want to support their children however they can and have high expectations about their future. All of this comes at a cost as Hispanic moms are sometimes forced to make hard choices as they try to balance family and work.

Table of Content


Executive Summary

The Market – What You Need to Know

Hispanic Moms by the Numbers

Market Perspective

Key Strategies – What You Need to Know

What’s Working?

What’s Next?

The Consumer – What You Need to Know

Important Aspects of a Good Life

Attitudes toward Motherhood

How Moms See Themselves

Balancing Family and Work

Important Values to Instill in Children

Children Through a Mother’s Eyes

Parenting Information Sources

Perceptions of Parenting Information Sources

Purchase Influencers

Product Positioning Tactics Influencing Purchases

Attitudes toward Advertising

Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

Appendix – The Market

Appendix – Consumer

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