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Market Performance of Chinese Listed Capital Market Service Companies in 2015

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ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd.

Published Date : Apr 2017

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Industry Profile

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The capital market service industry had some difficulties and challenges in 2015. The revenue of security industry was RMB575 billion with 121% growth compare to preceding year; the gross profit has reached RMB244 billion with 3% YoY growth in 2015. Daily transaction was about RMB1 trillion which is 243.7% growth. By estimated, the revenue of security industry and gross profit is about RMB393 billion and RMB165 billion in 2016 respectively. Daily transaction volume could reach RMB650 billion, and IPO scale could reach RMB150 billion. The revenue and gross profit of the capital market service companies might suffer 30% YoY off via the fundamental analysis.

There are 24 listed companies in capital market service industry in China; the 24 listed companies have made over RMB379 billion in revenue and the total assets have reached over RMB4 trillion. CITIC Securities is the one with the largest total asset, and it has made most revenue among 24 listed companies.

1)The Aim of this report
-To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding of Chinas capital market service industry;
-To understand the development situation of capital market service industry in China;
-Get more information of the major capital market service producers in China;
-Gain insight into the major capital market service producers about operation;
-To predict what future of China capital market service industry will be;
-To reveal opportunities in China capital market service industry.

2)Benefit from the report
-Financial performance in 2015 and YoY changes, including revenue, operating profit, net profit, revenue and gross profit margin from capital market service business;
-Changes of revenue and net profit in the latest five years and the reasons;
-Adjustment to business structure in the recent 2-3 years;
-Development strategy and development trends in the near future.

PDF-format report, with around 50-70 pages.

4)Time needed
Three working days needed.

Part Contents
1 Executive summary
2 Ranking of main listed domestic capital market service enterprises in 2015
2.1 List of Chinas listed capital market service enterprises
2.2 By revenue
2.3 By net profit
2.4 By total assets
2.5 By revenue and gross profit margin of capital market service business
2.6 By operating profit
2.7 By primary earnings per share
3 Analysis of listed capital market service enterprises
3.1 Shenwan Hongyuan Group Co., Ltd
3.2 Northeast Securities Co., Ltd
3.3 Golden Dragon Share Co., Ltd
3.4 Guoyuan Securities Company Limited
3.5 Sealand Securities Co., Ltd
3.6 GF Securities Company Limited
3.7 Changjiang Securities Company Limited
3.8 Shanxi Securities Co., Ltd
3.9 Western Securities Co., Ltd
3.10 Guosen Securities Co., Ltd
3.11 CITIC Securities Company Limited
3.12 SDIC Essence (Holdings)Co., Ltd
3.13 Sinolink Securities Co., Ltd.
3.14 Southwest Securities Co.Ltd
3.15 Haitong Securities Co., Ltd
3.16 Orient Securities Company Limited
3.17 China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd
3.18 The Pacific Securities Co.Ltd
3.19 Dongxing Securities Company Limited
3.20 Industrial Securities Co., Ltd.
3.21 Soochow Securities Co., Ltd.
3.22 Huatai Securities Co., Ltd
3.23 Everbright Securities Company Limited
3.24 Founder Securities Co., Ltd.

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