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LTE Chipset & Devices

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Published Date : Mar 2013

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This insight offers an analysis of the LTE device ecosystem in light of baseband market maturity. It presents a review of LTE baseband competition with an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each major manufacturer. It finally examines next challenges that will affect the further evolution of mobile broadband devices.

Table of Content



1. Key Findings
2. Review of LTE baseband competition
2.1. Qualcomm still the market leader
2.2. with competition warming up for second place
2.2.1. Nvidia
2.2.2. Broadcom
2.2.3. ST-Ericsson comes to an end
2.2.4. Intel Mobile Communication
2.2.5. Renesas Mobile
2.2.6. Access Network Technology (ANT)
2.3. Entry-level LTE devices on their way
2.4. The home-grown chipset strategy
2.4.1. Samsung
2.4.2. HiSilicon
2.5. The single-mode LTE strategy

3. Whats next for LTE Devices?
3.1. Voice over LTE
3.2. LTE-Advanced and carrier aggregation
3.3. Receive diversity: MIMO and LTE devices
3.4. Increased battery life and reduced footprint
3.5. So where is the universal world LTE phone?


List of Table


Table 1: LTE baseband manufacturers on the market
Table 2: NVIDIA LTE baseband offering
Table 3: Renesas LTE portfolio
Table 4: Peak data rate targets for LTE

List of Chart


Figure 1: Samsung Droid Charge (launched May 2011) Tear Down
Figure 2: Software Defined Radio advantages over modem with fixed-function blocks
Figure 3: Intel mobile application processor and LTE baseband road map
Figure 4: Intel line of mobile device wins with its x86 mobile application porcessor architecture
Figure 5: Samsung 3rd generation LTE baseband CMC221S
Figure 6: Huawei K3V2 quadcore processor
Figure 7: Future of LTE devices
Figure 8: VoLTE performance on early VoLTE devices
Figure 9: Early VoLTE solutions vs latest VoLTE solutions
Figure 10: Carrier aggregation scenarios
Figure 11: The baseband and the whole transmit path

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