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Leisure Review - UK - December 2014

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Published Date : Dec 2014

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No. of Pages : 104 Pages

With any leisure business, revenues and profits are dictated by capacity and the ability of that business to maximise efficiencies from that capacity; if automation offers a way of increasing throughput, this can have a beneficial effect on profitability because the core overheads essentially remain unchanged.
Table of Content


Executive Summary

Issues and Insights

Trend Application

Market Drivers

Who’s Innovating?

Market Size and Forecast

Segment Performance

Leisure Activity Participation

Which Days of the Week are Leisure Activities Done?

Advance Booking of Leisure Activities

How People Find Out About Deals and Events

Which Sectors Could Benefit from Improved Disposable Income?

Attitudes towards Leisure Activities

Appendix – Market Size Forecast Scenarios

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