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KOL Perspectives: Adaptive Trial Designs in IBD

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Published Date : Aug 2018

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No. of Pages : 27 Pages

KOL Perspectives: Adaptive Trial Designs in IBD


This KOL Insight briefing focuses on KOLs views of Adaptive trial designs in IBD.

Questions topics -
- Current challenges in IBD clinical trials
- Adaptive Phase II/III trial designs
- Guselkumabs Phase II/III trial in Crohns disease
- Novel clinical trials in IBD

Key Highlights

- Most KOLs highlighted that recruitment is the greatest challenge in IBD clinical trials, both across Crohns disease & UC
- Most KOLs flagged Phase II/III trials could accelerate development, but may limit ability to analyze data & adapt trial design
- Most KOLs cited 8-12 weeks as being the minimum duration of a Phase II trial in IBD, with open-label extensions favored by all KOLs.


- The insight briefing is based on Sociable Pharmas analysis of primary research with our IBD key opinion leaders (KOLs).

In total, we conducted interviews with 10 KOLs -
- 5 Europe-based & 5 N. America-based
- Interviews performed during July 2018

KOL data is analyzed to produce -
- Charts summarizing KOL opinions
- Chart call-outs of key information & details
- KOL quotes
- Summary of KOL reporting trends
- Insight from Sociable Pharma's analysts

Reasons to buy

- Combines Qualitative & semi-quantitative insight from key opinion leaders on Adaptive trial designs in IBD
- Includes insight & recommendations from our disease-specific healthcare analysts
- Utilizes independent expert viewpoints to validate the impact of new clinical data & emerging trends on management of IBD
- Provides cost-effective support for your advisory boards, with topics acting as a catalyst for further expert discussion.
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Research Panel Composition
Results & Implications

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