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Investigation Report on China Budesonide Market, 2009 - 2018

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China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd. (CRI)

Published Date : Feb 2014

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Therapeutic Area

No. of Pages : 40 Pages

Asthma and allergic rhinitis are both very common diseases in the world today. As the global atmosphere becomes more and more seriously contaminated, incidence of these diseases increases year by year. 

Budesonide inhalation suspension (trade name \"Pulmicort Respules\") developed by Astra Zeneca was approved to market by FDA for asthma treatment in August 2000. It obtained import approval in China in November 2001. Statistics shows that there are more than 30 million asthma patients and over 0.3 billion people suffering from allergic rhinitis in China. According to CRI\'s investigation on certain sample hospital market in China, the CAGR of sales value of budesonide surpassed 30% from 2005 to 2010. Since 2011, market growth has slowed down, but it still maintains an annual growth rate of 18%. 

In April 2013, the patent protection of asthma drug \"Pulmicort Respules\" produced by Astra Zeneca was sentenced invalid in an U.S. regional court. Industry insiders think that this has paved the way for generic drug to occupy the market. 

According to CRI\'s market investigation, budesonide products in Chinese market are still mainly imported drugs from Astra Zeneca, but there are already some Chinese enterprises, such as Lunan Better Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Humanwell Healthcare (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Sine Promod Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., producing budesonide APIs and finished drugs. 

On January 15, 2013 Santarus, Inc. announced that FDA has ratifies the usage of Uceris sustained release tablets in alleviating symptoms of mild - moderate active ulcerative colitis. Uceris is a new drug developed by Santarus, Inc. and Cosmo Technologies Limited, a subsidiary of Cosmo Pharmaceuticals S.p.A. This is a new oral tablet, and its main ingredient is budesonide. 

As Chinese economy develops and its environment worsens, the number of asthma and allergic rhinitis patients in China will continue to rise in the next few years. Furthermore, more indications may emerge in China. Consequently, market size of budesonide in China will therefore continue to grow. 

Through this report, the readers can acquire the following information:

  • Incidence of Respiratory Disease in China
  • Market Share of Major Budesonide Manufacturers in Sample Hospitals in China
  • Sales price of Budesonide in Hospital Market in China
  • Production Status of Budesonide Generic Drug in China
  • Major Budesonide Manufacturers in China
  • Share of Budesonide in Different Dosage Forms in China Hospital Market
  • Prospect of China Budesonide Market
Table of Content

1 Relevant Concepts of Budesonide
1.1 Brand-name Enterprise
1.2 Indication
1.3 Sales Status on the Global Market

2 Market Overview of Budesonide in China
2.1 Patent Status
2.2 Production Status of Generic Drug
2.3 Major Manufacturers
2.4 Market Size

3 Investigation on Sales Value of Budesonide in China, 2009-2013
3.1 Sales Value in China
3.2 Sales Value by Region

4 Investigation on Market Share of Major Budesonide Manufacturers in China, 2009-2013
4.1 Market Share by Sales Value
4.2 Market Share by Sales Volume

5 Investigation on Market Size of Budesonide by Dosage Form in China, 2009-2013
5.1 Market Share by Sales Value and Dosage Form
5.2 Market Share by Sales Volume and Dosage Form

6 Reference Price of Budesonide Produced by Different Enterprises in China Hospital Market, 2013
6.1 AstraZeneca Australia
6.2 AstraZeneca plc.
6.3 Lunan Better Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
6.4 Synmosa Biopharma Corp.
6.5 Other Enterprises

7 Analysis on Major Budesonide Manufacturers in China, 2009-2013
7.1 AstraZeneca Australia
7.2 AstraZeneca plc.
7.3 Lunan Better Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
7.4 Synmosa Biopharma Corp.

8 Prospect of China Budesonide Market, 2014-2018
8.1 Prediction of Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis Incidence in China
8.2 Research Status of Generic Drug
8.3 Forecast on Market Size
8.4 Forecast on Market Competition

List of Chart

Chart Budesonide Products Approved to Market in China by 2014
Chart Sales Value of Budesonide in Global Market, 2009-2013
Chart Sales Value of Budesonide in China Sample Hospital Market, 2009-2013
Chart Market Share of Budesonide Enterprises by Sales Volume in China, 2009-2013
Chart Price of Budesonide Produced by AstraZeneca Australia in China Hospital Market, 2013
Chart Price of Budesonide Produced by Lunan Better Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in China Hospital Market, 2013
Chart Forecast on Market Size of Hospital-use Budesonide in China, 2014-2018

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