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Insurance Competitor Profile: Admiral Group 2016

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Verdict Financial

Published Date : Nov 2016

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No. of Pages : 40 Pages

Admiral Group is a leading provider of car and home insurance active in both the UK and internationally. It operates a number a brands as well as comparison sites. This profile offers a review of the company, its business structure and strategy, its financial performance, and a SWOT analysis.

Key Findings
Solvency II capital requirements have come into effect. This may result in higher capital requirements, changes to the risk management structure, and a reduction in the efficiency of Admirals business model.
Aggregator growth has slowed in recent years, making it a tougher market for brands such as Confused.com. High levels of competition from other aggregators and from the number of active insurers make it a challenging environment.

Verdict Financials Insurance Competitor Profile: Admiral Group 2016 provides a comprehensive review of the company and its UK business. This includes its structure, its performance in both the commercial and personal lines markets, and its marketing and distribution strategy.

Key questions answered include:

- What are Admirals brands within the group?

- What are Admirals strengths and weaknesses?

- What opportunities and challenges does the company face going forward?

Reasons To Buy
- Learn about Admirals organizational structure and its core business segments.

- Gain insight into Admirals underwriting strategy and co-insurers.

- Understand the group's advertising strategy.

Table of Contents
SWOT Analysis

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