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Insight Report: The Future of Consumer Payments - Contactless Cards or NFC Mobile?

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Published Date : Oct 2016

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No. of Pages : 45 Pages

Timetrics Insight Report: The Future of Consumer Payments Contactless Cards or NFC Mobile? report analyzes the evolution of contactless payments and its impact on participants in the payment value chain. The report further explores the status of contactless payments globally and the regional differences in adoption. It provides detailed insights on the contactless payments market across geographies such as Europe, North and South America, the Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa.

The report also provides detailed insights on some of the key indicators such as global contactless transaction value, contactless card shipment, NFC payments and number of contactless POS terminals.

Timetrics Insight Report: The Future of Consumer Payments Contactless Cards or NFC Mobile? report provides market analysis, information and insights on contactless payments globally, including:

Current and forecast analysis of contactless payment market, including previous and future market growth.

Comprehensive analysis of contactless payments through cards and mobile handsets.

Insights on the evolution and the level of adoption of contactless payments across geographies.

Comprehensive analysis on the impact of contactless on payment participants, including consumers, merchants, PSPs and card schemes.

Provides a comprehensive analysis of the contactless payments market across the world.

Provides current value and forecast analysis of the contactless payments market.

Covers regional analysis with respect to contactless cards and NFC mobile payments.

Assess the impact of contactless on participants on the payment value chain.

Understand the regional differences in the adoption of contactless.

Reasons To Buy
Gain understanding of the future of consumer payments, including contactless cards and NFC mobile.

Gain insights into the evolution of contactless payments.

Understand the impact of contactless on payment participants, including PSPs, merchants, schemes and consumers.

Understand why some regions are falling behind while others are developed.

Understand the impact of EMV migration on contactless payments.

Key Highlights
Timetric estimates that US$358 billion in contactless transactions will be made in 2016, through both cards and mobile devices, on 23 million contactless-enabled POS terminals globally.

While most contactless payments globally are still card-based, near-field communication (NFC) mobile payments are likely to grow faster than contactless card payments.

Australia, Europe and Canada account for the majority of contactless card payments globally, while the US leads in mobile NFC payments.

Mass transit systems are one of the largest markets for contactless transactions, and as a result, they have played a key role in the promotion and adoption of contactless.
Table of Contents
1 Definitions and Methodology
1.1 Definitions
1.2 Methodology
2 Executive Summary
3 The Evolution of Contactless Payments
4 The Impact of Contactless on Payment Participants
5 The Status of Contactless Payments: Global Overview
6 Regional Differences in Adoption of Contactless
6.1 Europe
6.1.1 Contactless cards in key countries
6.1.2 Regional overview
6.1.3 Contactless payments market size and future outlook
6.1.4 Key trends and insights
6.2 North and South America
6.2.1 Regional overview
6.2.2 Key trends and insights
6.3 Asia-Pacific
6.3.1 Regional overview
6.3.2 Key trends and insights
6.4 The Middle East and Africa
6.4.1 Regional overview
7 Conclusion
8 Appendix
8.1 Contact Timetric
8.2 About Timetric
8.3 Timetrics Services
8.4 Disclaimer

List of Tables
Table 1: Key Definitions
Table 2: Contactless Payments Cost-Benefit Analysis for PSPs
Table 3: Contactless Payments Cost-Benefit Analysis for Consumers
Table 4: Europe Number of Contactless Cards in Circulation, 20142015
Table 5: Europe Contactless Adoption Overview
Table 6: Europe Contactless Payments Market Size and Outlook
Table 7: North and South America Contactless Adoption Overview
Table 8: Asia-Pacific Contactless Adoption Overview

List of Figures
Figure 1: Evolution of Contactless Payment Modes
Figure 2: New Smartphone Subscriber Addition by Region, 20152021
Figure 3: Global Contactless Transaction Value, 20152020
Figure 4: Global Contactless Card Shipment, 20102015
Figure 5: Global POS Terminals, 20132020
Figure 6: Global Contactless Cards Transaction Value, 20152020
Figure 7: Global Mobile NFC Payments, 20152020
Figure 8: Status of Contactless Adoption
Figure 9: Europe Contactless Payments Adoption Rate
Figure 10: Europe Number of Contactless Cards, Transaction Value and Volume, 20132020
Figure 11: The US EMV Migration Status, 20122016
Figure 12: The US Number of EMV/NFC capable POS Terminals, 20122016
Figure 13: Octopus Card Facts and Figures 2016
Figure 14: NAB Pay Transaction Breakdown, January April 2016

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