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Insight Report: Global Trends in Merchant Acquiring

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Published Date : Sep 2015

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No. of Pages : 43 Pages



Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary 

2 Merchant Acquiring – Defining the Industry 

2.1 Industry Structure and Key Stakeholders 
2.1.1 Merchant acquiring business models 
2.1.2 Top 10 merchant acquirers across the world 
2.2 The Global Merchant Acquiring Market 
2.3 Merchant Acquiring Market – Regional Breakdown 
2.3.1 Asia-Pacific 
2.3.2 Europe 
2.3.3 Latin America 
2.3.4 North America 
2.3.5 Middle East and Africa 

3 Gauging the Industry’s Drift 

4 Where are the Opportunities? 
4.1 Explore New Markets 
4.2 Shift from “One Size Fits All” to Diversified and Omni-Channel Acquiring 
4.3 Offer Support for Contactless Payments 
4.4 Analytics to Lower Fraud Losses and Improve Efficiency 
4.5 Improving Merchant Retention and Relations through Value- Added Services 
4.6 Cloud Technology and Open APIs for Cost Optimization and Flexibility 

5 MNO Driven Mobile Money – Is it a Brewing Threat? 

6 Merchant Aggregators – Key to Unlocking Small and Micro Merchants 
6.1 What Makes Aggregators Popular Among Small and Micro Merchants? 
6.2 Key Considerations in Partnership with Aggregators 

7 Key Findings 

8 Appendix 

8.1 Methodology 
8.2 Contact Timetric 
8.3 About Timetric 
8.4 Timetric’s Services 
8.5 Disclaimer

List of Table

Table 1: Key Acquiring Models 
Table 2: Top 10 Card Acquirers in the World, 2014 
Table 3: Key Acquisitions in the Merchant Acquiring and Processing Industry (January 2013–May 2015) 
Table 4: The Way Around Key Challenges 
Table 5: Key Success Factors in Omni-channel Acquiring 
Table 6: Contactless Payments in the UK 
Table 7: Value Added Offering by Key Acquirers 
Table 8: Pros and Cons of MNO-led Mobile Money 
Table 9: Merchant Aggregators and Cost for Merchants

List of Chart

Figure 1: Merchant Acquiring Ecosystem in Bricks-and-Mortar Stores 
Figure 2: Value and Volume of Acquired Transactions, 2010–2014 
Figure 3: Value and Volume of Acquired Transactions in Asia-Pacific, 2010–2014 
Figure 4: Value and Volume of Acquired Transactions in Europe, 2010–2014 
Figure 5: Value and Volume of Acquired Transactions in Latin America, 2010–2014 
Figure 6: Value and Volume of Acquired Transactions in North America, 2010–2014 
Figure 7: Value and Volume of Acquired Transactions in the Middle East and Africa, 2010–2014 
Figure 8: MSC Revenue Share of a Typical US$100 Credit Card Transaction in the US 
Figure 9: CNP Fraud in Selected Countries (US$ Million), 2010–2014 
Figure 10: The State of the Merchant Acquiring Industry 
Figure 11: Market Shares of the Top Five Merchant Acquirers in Selected Markets, 2014 
Figure 12: Drivers of M&A Activity in Merchant Acquiring 
Figure 13: Card Transaction Value in Emerging Markets (US$ Billion), 2010–2014 
Figure 14: Revenue Growth Expectation from Value-Added Services in Financial Services by 2016

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