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Industrial Wood Coatings- Russia

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Published Date : Jan 2017

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No. of Pages : 38 Pages

Russia Industrial Wood Coatings

IRL presents for the first time an in-depth analysis ofthe global wood coatings market. This report focusesspecifically on the furniture, parquet, joinery andoutdoor structures segments providing marketvolumes, detailed prices, segmentations and marketshares.

Market Overview:

The in-depth reports focus on the top country marketsworldwide for industrial wood coatings and includedetailed key data points including market shares,product segments and prices/values.

The reports provide, by country, consumptionestimates in both volume and value for industrial woodcoatings, with 2015 as the base year and forecasts to2020.

The information in the reports is based on acomprehensive programme of interviews with keyplayers in each country, backed up by thoroughsecondary research and IRL’s in-house database ofglobal paints and coatings market data.Industrial Wood Coatings:

Market volumes in metric tonnes (2011-2020)

Prices and market values in EUR and localcurrency (2015)

Market shares by company in volume (2015)

Chemistry breakdown: Pure acrylic, alkyds,nitrocellulose, polyesters, polyurethane, others(2011-2020)

Technology breakdown: Water-based, solventbased,radiation-cured (2011-2020)

End use: Furniture, joinery, parquet, outdoorstructures (2011-2020)

Functional layer breakdown: Pre-treatment,primer, intermediate, finishing (2011-2020)

Value breakdown by: Chemistry, technology, enduse and functional layer (2015)

Database Access:Purchasers of the full regional report or at least 5country volumes will automatically receivecomplementary access to our Database.

Table of Content

RU Coatings Background
1.1 RU - Background - Overview
1.2 Key Figures
1.3 Macroeconomic Trends and Forecasts
1.4.1/2 Imp/Exp: SB Polyesters
1.4.3/4 Imp/Exp: SB Acrylics & Vinyls
1.4.5/6 Imp/Exp: SB Polymers
1.4.7/8 Imp/Exp: WB Acrylics & Vinyls
1.4.9/10 Imp/Exp: WB Polymers
Imp/Exp: Other Paints & Varnishes
Foreword Industrial Wood Coatings
1.0 Title Page
1.1 Foreword - Industrial Wood Coatings
RU Industrial Wood Coatings Overview
1.0 Title Page
1.1 RU - Industrial Wood Coatings Overview
1.2 Dwelling Stock
1.3 New Dwelling Construction
RU Industrial Wood Coatings
1.0 Title Page
1.1 RU - Market Overview
1.2 Historical and Forecasts: Industrial Wood
1.3.1 Prices and Market Values
1.3.2 Prices and Values by Application System
1.3.3 Prices and Values by Resin Type
1.3.4 Prices and Values by Type of Layer
1.3.5 Prices and Values by Sector
1.4.1 Application System: Historical and Forecasts
1.4.2 Resin Type: Historical and Forecasts
1.4.3 Layer Type: Historical and Forecasts
1.4.4 Sector: Historical and Forecasts
1.5 Market Shares: Industrial Wood

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